Your Vision, Dreams, Goals, & Talents… Are You Truly In Love With Them?

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Falling in love with your vision, your dreams, your talents, your goals… this is truly the key to success.

Have you ever seen a performance by someone so incredibly talented that you were literally moved to tears? I have… having an experience like this is one of the biggest gifts in life in my opinion… to see someone completely connected to their talents and their passions. Completely committed.

Now, think about this for a minute… when you’ve seen a performance like this, has it ever been by someone that hasn’t taken lessons, practiced intensely (probably for YEARS), or been completely committed to their art? I doubt it.

When we are totally in love with what we’re doing, when our heart is completely in it (and only then), we are willing to move through the obstacles that present themselves while we’re working toward our vision. Otherwise, when we encounter fear or some sort of obstacle, we will more than likely give up on whatever we are working toward.

Here’s a quick video I just created about this:

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Thanks so much!

xo- Amy


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