Why Video Marketing Is Important & How To Use It To Promote Your Personal Brand

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Video_MarketingIf you’re attempting to market yourself on the internet, video marketing is definitely one of the most powerful ways to do it.

Video marketing allows us to create deeper relationships with people in cyber-space, as it gives us a means to have people feel connected to us by seeing our face and hearing our voice.

Some of the reasons video marketing is important when marketing online are:

•Video marketing allows you to create value and name recognition
•Video marketing helps you to provide a benefit for people, which allows you to begin to build trust
•Video adds personality, helps people feel like they know you (can see your face, hear your voice)-MUCH more powerful than communicating through text!
No matter what type of business you have, you have knowledge and expertise that can be shared through video. And sharing your gifts is a great way to give people permission to know, like, and trust you and to ultimately want to do business with you.

Video Marketing is Simple

Video marketing is simple… you can start RIGHT NOW! Some of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to getting bstarted with video marketing are
1) Overthinking it– trying to be over-prepared to shoot a video. This can be detremental to the video itself, and gets in the way of even getting started sometimes. The best way to shoot a video is to shoot from the hip and just be authentic. Let people see the real you (not a rehearsed version of the real you!).
2)Over-complicating it– thinking you need some kind of fancy equioment to get started. This is not the case…. great videos can be shot with a simple webcam or a digital camera that has a video setting. The most important part of the video is the content, not the camera.

Promoting Your Videos

Once you start creating videos, it’s simple to promote them on the internet. Some of the best places to promote them are:
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your Blog
  • Email (your list!)

*Watch the video of the webinar below to learn how to easily promote your videos using each of these methods.

Building a List

One of the keys to marketing on the internet is buiding a list. When you give people the opportunity to opt-in and leave you their name and email address, it creates a way for you to stay in touch with them and start to create a long-term relationship. Video marketing is a great way to start building your list (this is explained further in the recorded webinar below).

And, with video being the direction everything is heading (the wave of the future), you can even take it a step further and send video emails to create an even more personalized touch, to build your brand, and to stand out among all of the ‘noise’ on the internet. This is explained in more detail on the webinar below as well, or you can click here to learn more about using video email.

Overall, video is becoming the most strategic and popular method of marketing on the internet today.

Watch this recorded webinar about Why Video Marketing Is Important & How To Use It To Promote Your Personal Brand:

Why Video Marketing Is Important & How To Use It To Promote Your Personal Brand from Amy Starr Allen on Vimeo.

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