Why Being an Internet Marketer Requires Living Without the Herd Mentality

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Why Being an Internet Marketer Requires Living Without the Herd Mentality

internet marketerSo, here we are for part 2 of my Living Without the Heard Mentality series…

In part 1 we discussed that in order to be a leader you need to be able to live without the herd mentality. Today we are going to look at Internet Marketing in particular and why in order to be a successful internet marketer you definitely need to be able to start living without the herd mentality.

So, as we discussed in part 1, we are typically raised to believe that we need to go to school and get good grades so that we can get a good job working for someone else.

When someone decides to become an internet marketer, they have decided to be an ‘individual’ (you can learn more about the definition if an individual in part 1). They are basically throwing themselves out into the world of doubters and critics and naysayers and negative people who think internet marketing is some sort of scam or less-than-ethical form of doing business.

The majority of people on the planet are in fact working for someone other than themselves, so anything that presents itself as going against that norm will become something for them to resist, doubt and be critical of.

Being an internet marketer is certainly, in many people’s eyes, something that breaks the norm and therefore cannot be trusted. Many people even perceive it to be shady.

So, if you’ve chosen the profession of internet marketing, it will certainly require you to start living without the herd mentality if you are committed to succeeding in this profession.

Some of your friends might even stop hanging around you once you choose to become an internet marketer (usually because they’re still working for someone else, trading hours for dollars, with a cap on the amount of money they can earn, while being told when they can and can’t take time off).

But it’s definitely a tradeoff…

Personally, the benefits that I receive (and my daughters receive) from my decision to become an internet marketer far outweigh the cost of people questioning my profession.

Remember, living without the herd mentality requires giving up being concerned about what others will think about you.

Here are just a few of the benefits that many of us experience by being  internet marketers:

  • Working on our time, when we want, for as much or as little as we want
  • Being able to basically create money on demand by simply creating our own products
  • Time freedom
  • Financial freedom
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Hanging out within an awesome community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Leading by example and showing our children that there’s another way to live and earn money
  • Leadership development
  • Being able to consistently tap into our own creativity
  • Residual income (in many cases)
  • Can work from anywhere (home, coffee shops, and anywhere else you like to hang out)
  • Makes it easy to travel because we can work from anywhere… and it’s inspiring to our audience to be able to hear our stories as we travel (so traveling is just a win/win)
  • Personal Growth
  • Opportunities to learn exiting new skills
  • It’s fun (and sure beats punching a timeclock every day to make someone else rich)

So, please be forewarned. Being an internet marketer is like a dream come true, in my opinion. But if you’re serious about playing a big game and truly succeeding at this profession, it will require you to leave the herd and start living without the herd mentality.

Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way… and I absolutely love being an internet marketer and living without the herd mentality.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter… please leave your feedback and comments about your experience as an internet marketer and how it’s been for you living without the herd mentality.

Expect Abundance,


  1. Great article Amy. You are a Star (bet you never heard that one before 🙂
    I would add a couple of things to your bullet points. You included “Leadership Development”

    I would suggest adding “Personal Growth” and “Opportunities to learn exiting new skills”.

    I look forward to reading more from you!
    Hale – Is this a great day? Hale Yes!

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