What’s Your Time Worth? Why Outsourcing is Crucial For Your Business

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What’s Your Time Worth? Why Outsourcing is Crucial For Your Business


I had an aha moment as I was assembling some Ikea furniture today… and I wanted to share some insights with you about why outsourcing is crucial for your business.

What is your time worth? I realized mine is worth way more than I would have paid someone to assemble this Ikea furniture. Oh well… live and learn. 🙂

This video explains about Why Outsourcing Is Crucial for Your Business:

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Why Outsourcing is Crucial For Your Business

So, the example I gave in the video is just a small sample of some of the things that you can outsource to create WAY more income in your business.

Basically, anything that you can pay someone else to do that will cost you LESS than your personal time is worth to do the same task is worth outsourcing.

Outsourcing Examples

Here are some examples of just a few things you could consider outsourcing.

You could hire someone to:

-Write your blog posts

-Edit your videos

-Do your Search Engine Optimization

-Make calls for you

– Do graphic design work

– and so much more….

Major in the Majors

A basic rule of thumb is to focus on the things that:

a) you enjoy doing the most and

b) make you the most money.

Typically, you will enjoy doing the things you’re really good at and those will be the same things that make you the most money.

Pretty much everything else can be outsourced so you can major in the majors. 🙂

Make sense?

The more you learn to use outsourcing, the more income you will produce in your business.

Avoid the Scarcity Mentality

Make sure you avoid the scarcity mentality by thinking you can’t afford to outsource… because paying somone else to do the things that take a lot of your time (but you don’t enjoy doing) will free up your time for what really matters… and ultimately you will make way more money in the end when you simply focus on what you enjoy.

I hope this has shed some light on the importance of outsourcing.

I’d love to hear from you…

What is your time worth? What are some of the things you are going to start outsourcing in your business.?Please leave your thoughts in the comments below…


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