What’s Your Legacy?

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What’s Your Legacy?

Happy belated Mother’s Day…what's your legacy

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about my mother and the legacy she left when she passed away when I was only 18.

What’s crazy for me every day is the fact that I’ve already lived past the age that she was when she died.

I remember the day like it was yesterday… she was killed in a car accident and swept away from us in an instant.

When I posted a picture of her on Facebook yesterday, tons of people chimed in about their memories of her, etc. (you can see the post here).

What became really apparent to me yesterday is her legacy.

I realize that I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without my mother’s influence.

She was a strong, driven, independent, beautiful, powerful, successful, happy woman with a TON of friends and people who adored her.

I watched her be an awesome friend and colleague to so many people as I grew up around her. She had a ton of really close friends who she spent a lot of time with… and she always made the time and went out of her way to visit people if she was anywhere near their neck of the woods when she was traveling for business.

I watched her take on being the main breadwinner of the family while at the same time mowing the lawn, taking us on amazing ski trips and vacations all over the world, coaching our soccer teams, and just being an awesome mom in every way.

And the list goes on, but what’s my point?

What I’ve learned is how much I’ve followed in her footsteps because of the example she set.

And it got me to thinking about the legacy I’ll be leaving for my kids.

I’ve always been conscious of the example I’m setting, and I’m passionate about teaching my kids that they get to live life by their own rules.

I’m passionate about setting an example for my children that teaches them that they can grow up and earn as much money as they want doing the things they love.

I’m passionate about showing them that you can be a parent and actively participate in your children’s lives without ever missing a beat because, unless you choose to, you don’t ever have to have a boss who tells you what your schedule is going to look like.

I’m passionate about showing them, by example, that even though I don’t have a job I can still create an extraordinary amount of income, from home on my own schedule doing what I love, and treat them to awesome vacations, etc so that when they grow up they know (from experience) that they can do the same.

I also know that life is delicate and fragile and there are no guarantees about how long we get to be here…

My mom’s car accident is a perfect example of this…

And although she left at a time that felt WAY too soon… she had already given me everything I needed to go on and create an amazing life for myself.

And, when I think about the lessons I am teaching my children through my example, I feel really good about what they are learning based on the choices I’ve made…

I feel good about my legacy.

So let me ask you this…

What kind of legacy are you leaving?

Even if you don’t have kids you can ask yourself,

“How will people remember me when I’m gone?”

-Am I empowered?
-Have I made the difference I’d like to make while I’m here?
-Have I lived life to the fullest?
-Have I exercised my full potential?

If you answered no to any of those questions, what are you waiting for?

If you are waiting for ‘some day’ which may never come… remember, there are no guarantees about how long we get to be here.

Why not make the most of your life while you’re here?

And you CAN play by your own rules.

You don’t have to work for a boss doing a job you don’t like and building someone else’s fortune…

You can create YOUR life the way YOU want it…

Just sayin.’

And if you need some guidance… that’s what I’m here for.

It’s my purpose.

So, if you’re ready to create an awesome life for yourself… a legacy… let me help you.

Just click here and let me know a little about yourself so I can determine how I can help you…

And you’ll be hearing from me soon.


I’ll talk to you soon!

In love and partnership,



amy starr allen



Please leave your comments and questions about your legacy or anything else that’s on your mind below. I look forward to hearing from you!



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