What Should I Blog About?

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What Should I Blog About?

what should I blog about

In today’s training, I’m going to cover the popular question, “What should I blog about?”

This is a question I get all the time…

You’ve probably been told that content is king and that content marketing is an amazing way to generate free traffic, leads, and sales on the internet.

But, even though people may know the benefits of content marketing, many still get confused and confronted with the question, “What should I blog about?”

This video goes into detail about the “What should I blog about?” question.

What Should I Blog About?

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This video was shot a while back and everything in it still relevant… but I wanted to add a couple of things that didn’t exist at the time this video was shot.

1) A course inside of the Empower Network that I didn’t mention in the video because it hadn’t been created yet at the time this video was shot is called the Master’s Course. This is another course (EXTREMELY powerful) that will give you TONS of juicy blogging topics as you go through it..

2) The Empower Network just launched a brand new blogging platform with an app that allows us to now blog from our smart phones. This makes blogging easier than ever, as we can shoot a video right from our phone and instantly upload it to our blog. Learn more about that in this video.

3) In addition top Audio Acrobat, another powerful way to interview leaders in your niche these days is by doing a Google Hangout. This is a process where you both have a conversation via a webcam and it is recorded and hosted on Youtube. From there, you can embed it on your blog to bring value to the marketplace.

Providing Value to the Marketplace

The basic idea and premiss behind content marketing is that you are providing valuable content that answers the questions and problems that people have and that they are desiring solutions for when they type their keywords into the search engines.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is (real estate, weight loss, internet marketing, basket weaving, etc)… if you provide value and learn how to rank your content so people can find it when they search for certain keywords, you can create a hugely successful business using content marketing.

There is no shortage of things to blog about.

If you use your creativity, you can easily come up with an endless supply of interesting articles that you can create.


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Get Your Blogging Questions Answered on THIS Blog 🙂

As I mentioned, I sent out a survey to my audience to find out what questions you have about blogging.

I’ve already answered:

How to Blog From a Smart Phone– (Live Demo) and

How to Make Money Blogging.

How To Stand Out From the Crowd by Blogging

Paid Marketing VS Free Marketing | Why Owning a Blog Is Important

(click on any of those titles to see my training on any of those topics).

Today’s lesson (in the video above) will answer the question What Should I Blog About?

Stay tuned for more training, coming soon!

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See you on the inside. 🙂



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Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you…

Did this video help get you answer the question What Should I Blog About? Please leave your thoughts (and any questions you have) in the comments below…


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