What is a Sales Funnel? [Full Tutorial]

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As you may be aware, I recently did a 5 day training that went into full detail about How to Create Sales Funnels That Convert.

During this training, I showed my audience how to set up the process to generate targeted leads online in any niche, on autopliot, every day.

I shared the importance of giving away something valuable in exchange for the contact information of your target audience members, in order to not only build your mailing list but to allow yourself to stand out and become seen as the go-to authority in your niche.

I literally can’t say enough about this process of creating sales funnels.

It’s something I’ve been doing for many years and it’s the exact process I’ve used to build a highly engaged list of people in my target audience that I’ve been able to continue to stay in touch with on a regular basis over many years.

It’s the exact process that has helped my audience members learn to know, like and trust me as an authority in my niche.

It’s the process that has allowed me to generate a ton of sales over the years by staying in touch with my audience that I have attracted through different free offers I have created.

And it’s also a skill set that I have been able to use to help my clients (you’ll see more about that in today’s video).

Today’s video is just the first part of the 5 day training. In it I will break down for you in detail what a sales funnel is, how it works, and I’ll show you how you can use free offers to build your list and convert leads into sales.

What is a Sales Funnel? [Full Tutorial]

Click here for access and an intro to the funnel builder shown in the video (the one I recommend + most cost effective).

Hopefully this video cleared up any questions you had about how a sales funnel works and why having a free gift to offer your audience is so important.

I also have a free guide that will help you to come up with some great ideas for your free offers. In it, I’ve listed some specific ideas for several different niches, and these ideas can all be tweaked very easily to work for any niche at all.

It’s a free guide called: 20 Simple Free Offer Ideas That You Can Use To Generate Leads Online

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about today’s training… you can leave a comment below.

I’d also love to hear from you what free offer ideas you have come up with to help yourself stand out and generate targeted leads.

Have fun with this process, it’s a game changer for sure. And don’t forget to grab your free guide here.

Talk to ya soon,

  • Generate endless leads with these ideas for free offers that your target audience will not be able to resist.
  • Become the go-to authority in your niche by offering a valuable free gift to your target audience.
  • Stop wasting your time presenting your products and services to the people who have no interest in what you are selling.

Click here to download the guide.


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