We Are The World’s Problem Solvers- A Guide To Conscious Network Marketing

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Problem Solving- Network MarketingIf you are involved in Network Marketing, you are in a position to make a significant difference in the world by solving problems for people. If you are approaching your business from a problem-solving standpoint, you are coming from a Conscious Network Marketing standpoint as opposed to just sales.

What do I mean when I say conscious network marketing?

There are plenty of people in our industry who are in Network Marketing simply for the money, the residual income, the time freedom and what’s in it for them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… and if you know anything about this industry you know that it’s a perfect model and opportunity to literally create the perfect lifestyle for yourself with unlimited earning potential and time freedom.

However, if you want to TRULY succeed (in every sense of the word), the best way to do this is to approach your business consciously and come from a place of serving others.

One of the greatest things about Network Marketing, in my opinion, is that we have a unique opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of others. We are problem solvers… and we have so much to contribute.

Think about it… if you have a health issue (or would simply like more energy), there’s a network marketer that can help you with that. If you wish you had more time to spend with your children, there’s a network marketer that can help you obtain that. If you would like to have more money coming into your household, there’s certanly a network marketer that can help you solve that issue. Even if your ‘problem’ is something along the lines of needing to find some unique environmentally safe candles for your yoga studio, there’s a network marketer that can assist you with that. So many of the ‘problems’ people face in their lives (health, finances, time freedom, etc) can be solved by the people in the Network Marketing industry.

We are problem solvers and we have a the capacity and the opportunity to change lives for the better. Are you holding your business this way?

You see, there’s a big difference between ‘selling products’ and ‘changing lives’. Which business are you in?

If you are a conscious network marketer, you are:

  • Sincerely interested in making a difference for people by offering them a product and/or service that could change their life for the better
  • More concerned with ‘serving’ than you are with ‘sales’,
  • Interested in continuously engaging in personal growth
  • Open to being coached and trained by other successful entrepreneurs
  • Interested in leaving a legacy for your children and future generations
  • Someone who truly loves connecting with people
  • Interested in having vibrant physical and financial health yourself, and teaching others how to do the same
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to serve others

When you can honestly say that you are in this industry in order to solve problems, leave a legacy, and make a difference for others, you are engaging in conscious network marketing. As Zig Ziglar said,

“ You can only get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Are you helping other people get what they want, or are you ‘selling’?

I know from my own personal experience that when I’m focused on myself and my personal goals rather than what I can do to help others succeed, my business doesn’t go so well. It doesn’t feel authentic to me to approach my business this way because deep down I know that what I’m truly up to is making a difference in the world. It’s not nearly as inspiring to go to work simply to serve myself, and it certainly doesn’t make me want to jump out of bed in the morning.

More about all of this in this video:

Conscious network marketing is about servant-based leadership… coming from a place of service and leading others in order to help them get what they want in their lives. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in something that gives us such a profound sense of purpose in our lives. And when we truly focus on what we can do to serve others, we cannot help but succeed ourselves.

Are you a problem solver? Do you feel you are practicing conscious network marketing? Please leave your comments below…

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Expect Abundance,

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  1. Nice post. I so appreciate the perspective of a network marketer who is all about serving. I was in network marketing for a little while and loved the positive energy on my team and their total commitment to helping people live healthy and abundant lifestyles. Thank you for sharing a similar commitment!

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