The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Team (Especially in Network Marketing)

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speed of the leaderHave you ever heard the saying,“The speed of the leader is the speed of the team?”

This is a powerful statement and oh so true.

Have you ever noticed that when you, as a leader, are in momentum personally with your business, that the rest of your team seems to be on fire as well? And when you slow down and go into ‘management mode’, the team also slows down?

Many leaders make the mistake of thinking that once they get a few people enrolled into their Network Marketing business, that they can sit back and simply coach those people, without continuing to do anymore personal prospecting.

This is NOT the case…

What happens in this case is that the whole team loses momentum. You see, when you become a leader your new members will tend to do exactly what you do (remember, everything duplicates in this industry)… so if you’re sitting back your team will, too, and your business will lose steam.

The beauty of the network marketing industry is that eventually, once you’re consistent over a long enough period of time, you will have created a walk-away residual income that will no longer require your effort on a daily basis. But, until you get to that point, it’s CRUCIAL to stay in action and not go in to management mode because once the leader slows down, the team will slow down as well.




Let me share a personal example. I created a Facebook group for my team which has turned out to be awesome. People jump on there and talk about things that are happening in their businesses on a daily basis. Things like, “Please welcome my new member so-and-so to the team!” and “I just brought in a new Power Broker…”.

People then chime in and there’s a lot of excitement and comradery that happens.

When people are in action, it inspires other people to be in action…

I was jumping on there on a daily basis for a couple of months as I was signing up new people, etc. I stepped away a bit over the last month to focus on creating some new tools and resources for my team, as well as went traveling to a couple of industry events to do some networking and further my education.

What happened is that the minute I stopped recruiting people on a daily basis, so did my team. The Facebook group got very quiet while I was away…

I’ve known this old saying, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the team” to be true all along… but it’s still awesome to get a flat-out reminder once in a while.

This is definitely a ‘lead by example’ industry, so we must be conscious and careful on a daily basis to only practice the behaviors that we want our teammates to practice as well.

It’s fine as a leader to take time to manage your team, create valuable resources for your team, attend industry events, etc. It’s actually important to do all of these things, these are some of your roles as a leader.

However, it’s equally important to make sure to manage your time in such a way that you still have time to prospect, call your leads, and continue to enroll new people into your business… because the minute you stop doing these things, your team will stop doing them as well.

A great way to keep yourself in check is to simply remind yourself on a daily basis that ‘the speed of the leader is the speed of the team’… and then ask yourself daily, “What’s my speed? What example am I setting today?”



The bottom line is this: the faster you go, the faster your team will go and the sooner you’ll have created that walk-away income you came here to create in the first place. So, in the meantime, be sure to keep up the pace. 🙂

Here’s a quick video I made about the speed of the leader:

I’d love to hear your comments (whether you’re the leader or the team) and your experience with this truism.

And, as always, feel free to share the love!

Expect Abundance,


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