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#062: Social Media Tips to Help You Move the Needle in Your Business With Karlyn Ankrom

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In this episode, I am joined by Karlyn Ankrom. Karlyn is a lead strategist and social media expert who specializes in helping business owners get unstuck in their social media efforts in only on hour per week. During our conversation, Karlyn shared her thoughts about the best way to use AI on social media, the 2 main types of calls-to-action …

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#049: You Never Know Who’s Watching (The Importance of Not Hiding Out on Social Media)

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In this episode, I just wanted to remind you that we we never know who’s watching and paying attention when we are putting ourselves out there online. We never really know whose lives we are affecting, because most of the people who are paying attention will likely never interact with our content. I also wanted to shine some light on …

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#029: What Is Your Life For? Are You Living a Fully Self-Expressed Life or Are You Playing Small?

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In this episode, I spoke about a topic that has been surfacing a lot lately- playing small vs. living a fully self-expressed life. I wanted to address a trend that I see with many entrepreneurs, where they prefer to hide out on social media (by using a fake name or a page that most of their peers and family won’t …

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How to Save Your TikTok Followers Before TikTok Shuts Down

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Yesterday, Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban TikTok in the United States. This is a huge learning lesson for all of us entrepreneurs who are building a following on ANY social media platform, not just TikTok. We have 44 more days until TikTok goes away in the USA, so be sure to follow the steps in this video …

Last Night’s Facebook Changes Webinar PLUS Some Exciting Bonusus!

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As you probably know by now, Facebook has been making lots of big changes lately. As human beings, we tend to resist change… and I’ve had a ton of people complaining that they don’t like the changes and don’t know how to get around properly in the ‘new’ Facebook. I hosted a webinar last night to help everybody get up …

Tribe Pro- What It Is And How To Use It To Generate Massive Traffic For Your Blog

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Are you familiar with the ‘Tribe’ concept yet? Even if you aren’t, you’re probably aware that most things in life work better when we take them on as a community, right? Tribe Pro is an awesome service that allows us to do just that. It’s a content syndication site that allows members to automatically syndicate each other’s content (literally on …

Breaking News! Facebook Passes Google In Worldwide Traffic For The First Time Ever!

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This is breaking news! For the first time in history, Facebook has officially passed Google in worldwide traffic. For many years, Google has held the highest ranking with Alexa (If you’re not familiar with Alexa rankings, you can go to and download the Alexa toolbar – it creates statistics on various websites based on actual visitors, time on the …

Join Us Tonight For The First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy Webinar- How To Use Video Marketing To Promote Your Personal Brand!

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Get ready for my First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy! webinar that’s coming up on TONIGHT, April 6th! You’re not going to want to miss this one… The topic for February is Why Video Marketing Is Important &How To Use It To Promote Your Personal Brand    Join us tonight!            Brief Description: Why Video Marketing is Important …

Register Now For The First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy! Coming Up On January 5th!

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Since the holidays are officially upon us I wanted to remind you to register now for my First Wednesday Marketing Frenzy! webinar that’s coming up on January 5th. This will be a great way for you to get some valuable knowledge to help you launch your business into high speed in the beginning of the New Year! The topic for January is 3 …

Creating Your Brand- The Truth About Online Network Marketing REVEALED

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Do you really believe that promoting your Network Marketing company all over the internet will help you build a substantial business? Think again… Yes, it’s true… posting the replicating website for your network marketing company all over Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube is NOT the best way to go about promoting your business. In fact, it’s probably doing you more harm …

Social Media

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I found a great video from Perry Belcher (if you’re not familiar w/ Perry, you should watch this for the entertainment value if nothing else). He’s a riot… and a VERY successful one @ that (he’s made over $100 million marketing all kinds of products). As we all know, the times are changing, and more and more people are developing …