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3 Ways to Increase Your Revenue Using An Order Bump or an Upsell | HBA Funnel Builder Tutorial

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If you are already using a sales funnel in your business and you are not utilizing order bumps and upsells, you are leaving money on the table! I’m about to show you 3 simple ways to add more revenue to your already existing sales process using order bumps and upsells! These are simple to add into your sales process to …

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How to Create a Quiz Funnel in the HBA Funnel Builder – Quiz Templates Provided

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Since my last video about why quiz funnels are a great way to generate really targeted leads and sales for your business, we’ve gotten many requests for a step by step training on how to build a quiz funnel lead magnet using the HBA Funnel Builder. So… good news! I created the training, and I’ve even provided my exact quiz …

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How to Promote Your Online Events Using the HBA Funnel Builder (and Some Templates I Created for You)

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Have you ever wondered what the best way is to promote a live training that you, another leader, or your company is doing? If so, watch this video for some ideas and shortcuts! Inviting your target audience to a live training that’s being put on by an industry leader (or your company headquarters) is a great way to provide value …

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How a Funnel Can Help Any Business – 2 Funnels I Built Yesterday With the HBA Funnel Builder

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If you are not currently using funnels in your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity to expand your reach, build your mailing list, help more people, and generate way more sales and clients in your business. Maybe you’re not clear about how a funnel might be relevant for your business, or maybe you’re not even really sure …

5 Keys to Using a Marketing Funnel

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What are the 5 Keys to Using a Marketing Funnel? When it comes to marketing on the internet, using a marketing funnel is the key to successfully generating targeted leads. What is a Marketing Funnel? In internet marketing, a marketing  funnel is a conceptual system of obtaining customers through initial contact and offerings and retaining them through offers that add value …