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You Never Know Who’s Watching & The Universe Knows What’s Best For You (Power of Content Marketing)

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Have you ever posted a YouTube video or a social media post only to be met with crickets? Does it seem like nobody is paying attention to you or your content? Well… think again. The fact of the matter is that we never know who’s watching- and there are always people watching and paying attention to our stuff, even when …

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#006: Out of the Darkness with the Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey

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The Find Your Voice Rock Your Blog Podcast Welcomes Maxwell Ivey If you find yourself having excuses in your business or with your blog, you are going to love this episode with Maxwell Ivey. Max is a true inspiration… his positive outlook on life is contagious. AND… you’re in for a special treat, because Max was even generous enough to …

Is Your ‘BUT’ Too Big?

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Is Your ‘BUT’ Too Big? Let me ask you this… how often, as you go through your day, do you find yourself getting in your own way and creating reasons and justifications like… I want to make a lot of money… BUT… I don’t have the time. I want to start an online business… BUT… I don’t have the money …

Failing Forward In Order To Move Mountains- What It Really Takes To Succeed

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Yesterday was a huge day for me. My oldest child, Olivia, who’s 6, learned to ride her bike without training wheels. The process was fascinating and, as a mother, I couldn’t be prouder. I actually can’t stop thinking about it… the whole process of it inspired this post about failing forward. Are you familiar with the term failing forward? If …

A Day In The Life Of An Unstoppable Entrepreneur

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Today’s post has been inspired by my amazing business partner, Ali Alvarez. Ali is a true inspiration and a living example of what it means to be an unstoppable entrepreneur. If you’ve been in this industry for any length of time, you know that there are a ton of different obstacles and roadblocks that we are faced with, pretty much on …