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My Exact Goal & Accountability Process Using Trello | 1111 Trinity Transformation Challenge

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In today’s training, I will be breaking down the exact process that I use to set my goals and hit them ahead of schedule, using a specific accountability process that I created, using a free board that I create using Trello. This is a visual process that I do with an accountability partner, and I will be laying it all …

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How to Hit Your Goals Ahead of Schedule | Overview of My Proven Accountability & Vision Processes

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In this live training replay, I will share the best way to hit your goals ahead of schedule. This works in any area of your life (health/fitness, financial goals, personal development, etc). And this will help you a ton if you: – Have been working on the same goal for a long time and just haven’t been able to reach …

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023: Next Level Vision and Goal Setting Blueprint and What Has Already Manifested For Me This Year Because of It

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Today I wanted to share some exciting things that have started to happen since I started implementing my new 30 day vision board strategy in the beginning of the year. In this episode, I lay out my strategy and I also included a couple of recent examples of things on my 30 day vision board that have already manifested! And, …