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How to Give Away a Free Ebook to Build an Email List | Email Marketing For Beginners

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One of the best (and easiest) ways to grow an email list is to give away a free ebook. This allows your target audience members to exchange their name and email address for the free value you provide in your ebook, so that you can deliver their free ebook and then have the ability to follow up with them afterwards …

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Done For You Emails in the HBA & Free Email Marketing Training | Email Marketing For Beginners 2022

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I had a question come in from one of my HBA members about where to access any done-for-you emails that are provided through the Home Business Academy. I figured I’d share this email marketing training publicly in case you are not in the HBA yet but you are wondering about what types of emails are provided inside. PLUS, I am …

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Email Marketing Strategies Tip #3 – Sharing Valuable Content With Your Audience

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This is the third video in my email marketing series. In this video, I will show you how to email your list regularly to share valuable content with your audience. This will help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build trust with them (if you do it consistently!). Email Marketing Strategies Tip #3 – Sharing …

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Email Marketing Strategies- Tip #1 (And How To Get The HBA Funnel Builder For Free)

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Are you struggling to come up with content for you emails? In this series of videos, I will go over a few email marketing tips that will help. Yesterday, I asked the members of my Facebook group what their biggest struggle is in their business right now. The majority of them said something related to email marketing strategies (coming up …

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10 Email Marketing Tips for More Effective (and Profitable) Follow Up

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Have you ever heard the saying, “The fortune is in the followup?” When building a business online, one of the first mistakes people tend to make is giving up when their ‘leads’ don’t purchase something from them right out of the gate. We live in an instant gratification kind of society these days and, unfortunately, many people have been trained …