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The Life of an Online Lead – Converting Leads to Sales & Why It’s Important to Nurture Your List

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All too often, I see entrepreneurs getting so frustrated because their leads are are not converting into sales as fast as they were expecting them to. If this is happening to you, please remember that it’s usually not because you are doing anything wrong or that you have a bad traffic source, it’s simply that there’s a process that your …

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HBA Premium Review & Updates – How the Home Business Academy Can Help Your Business

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If you need help with traffic and conversions in your business, this video will help. The HBA Premium Traffic and Conversions Academy provides some essential training and resources that can help entrepreneurs who are building ANY business to hit their goals much faster. The HBA Premium Traffic and Conversions Academy is always evolving and growing, with new trainings being added …

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Exciting 30 Minute Workday and Home Business Academy Updates

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This is the most excited I’ve personally been in a REALLY long time about being involved in the home business industry.   I’ve been a member of the Home Business Academy and the 30 Minute Workday System for quite some time now, and this company (HBA) and this platform (30 Minute Workday) have made a world of difference for myself …

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What is the Home Business Academy? [A Conversation with the Founders]

In 30 Minute Workday, Home Business Academy, Online Marketing, Power Hour, Videos by Amy3 Comments

Last week’s Power Hour was so moving and inspiring. I got to hang out with 2 of my favorite people on the planet, Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs, the founders of the Home Business Academy (HBA). We were able to get into the full back story about the stumbling blocks that they (and many of us) had faced throughout their …