Surrendering to Life's Plan

Surrendering to Life’s Plan

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As you probably know by now, if I ever have a personally experience and learn something from it that I think someone else may benefit from, I always share it.

So, in today’s video, I’m going to share with you about my experience with surrendering to life’s plan.

It’s been a pretty crazy few months for me… to the point where I have thought to myself (multiple times),

“Am I being tested for some reason?”

And, in the midst of it all, when I am willing to surrender and trust what life has in store for me, rather than thinking that I have to control every part of it, that’s when the miracles show up.

The bottom line is that life is much bigger and more beautiful than the BS and chaos that is going on my life.

In today’s video, I will go into more detail about how sometimes obstacles are a blessing in disguise, and how sometimes the challenges are life’s way of allowing us to see all of the good that surrounds us.

Sounds crazy, right?

Maybe it will make more sense after you watch this video.

Surrendering to Life’s Plan

If you are interested in reading the book I mentioned in the video here’s the link to The Surrender Experiment.

Once you watch the video, leave any comments or questions for me in the comments below.

I love you!



  1. Hi Amy – I watched your video – thanks for sharing. I periodically keep up with you; so sorry you lost your dad this year. That is hard to deal with. I am not doing any marketing any more – at 83 it is time to slow down. Hope you and your girls are enjoying the ocean area.

    1. Author

      Hi Irene! So glad to hear from you. Yes, losing my dad has been quite a journey. I’m glad you are slowing down and enjoying life. Yes, we love being near the beach. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  2. Wow! I can relate so much to this, Amy! In the last 4 yrs My Dad has died, my Mom has died, my wife left with all the kids. Came home to a totally empty house.

    After coming home from my Moms funeral I was laid off from my job that Monday going back in.

    I totalled my truck in the rain against a telephone pole without Full coverage insurance and was even laid off another job recently after 3 weeks because of a sudden drop in orders. And being without wheels at the moment I cant get too easily to another job.

    Plus through all this I was trying to help someone else out financially and it seems like every devil and demon has come out full force to keep me from getting paid back!

    Talk about feeling targeted! Its so unreal all the things that have happened recently. And NOOO I don’t believe God caused all these things to happen. Yes, maybe I have made some mistakes but NOT willingly or intentionally!

    I do believe that sometimes we ARE targeted by forces who want to utterly destroy us BUT I aint giving up! I believe there is a God above and if I don’t give in to the enemy then there will be better days ahead!

    I have followed your emails from time to time, Amy and they have been a blessing. I originally am from Denver but presently reside in NC. I love the Boulder area.

    It is my longing to come back home to Colorado one of these days and if I can make something of marketing online I intend to do it!

    Thanks for. Eing so “original”, Amy! I love your tenacity and your spirit. It is contagious! You are a beautiful woman. Thanks for being such a blessing!

    Scott Reed

    1. Author

      Aw, thanks so much, Scott. You are so sweet.

      It’s nice to know you can relate. I think many of us experience this type of stretch at some point along the way in our journeys. It’s important (although not always easy) to stay in gratitude even when the sh*# is hitting the fan. It makes everything so much easier when we can trust that it’s all happening for our highest and best good.

      I hope your story has a happy ending. Thanks for hangin’ out with me here. xo

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