Setting Yourself Up For Success

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A gigantic shift in the ownership of wealth is starting to happen in the USA, and it will continue over the next several years. It’s definitely a very exciting (and interesting) time in the world.

Some people may see these times as scary… I choose to view them as interesting, and exciting. Why? Because I know that I have a choice, and that I have control over my financial future. And, by the way, so do you.

What will you choose? Are you positioning yourself for success? If you haven’t, you can start now… it’s certainly not too late.

There are a few important components to setting yourself up for success.

First of all, let’s look at the mental and emotional aspects of your life.

Do you wake up every morning excited, looking forward to the day ahead and the opportunity to make a difference in the world and for others?

Or do you wake up scared… worried about the challenges that the day might bring? Or, even worse, do you have trouble sleeping at all?

Unfortunately, I know that many people (maybe even the majority) live their lives in fear.

Fear destroys happiness. It subtracts from your joy, your success, your future, and your life. It destroys your ability to see (and take advantage of) the opportunities that are right in front of you. Fear causes us to react to the events in our lives, rather than create our lives by design (creative energy is seldom present at the same time as fear).

Another component to setting yourself up for success is the desire to start your own business. Do you know that Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and a host of other millionaires and financial experts are all saying that right now is the best time in the history of our planet to start a new business. Why?

First of all, if you own your own business, nobody can fire you. That says a lot in these turbulent times, doesn’t it?

Secondly, you have the ability to control your success and your income by the amount of energy you’re willing to put into your business. Nobody else gets to tell you how much money you will make.

Thirdly, you get to reap the rewards of your efforts instead of working to make someone else rich.

Also, if for no other reason, consider the tax advantages of owning your own business. They are TREMENDOUS. The tax laws have recently been rewritten to support the home-based business owner. Practically everything becomes a write-off, which means simply: more money in your pocket.

Does the thought of owning your own business sound scary to you? Does it sound like a lot of hard work? The answer to these questions will be largely dependent on how much training, support, and guidance you have.

I don’t consider the 2-3 hours a day I spend working my business to be hard work. I actually LOVE it and look forward to it. I love that I have the opportunity every day to help others create financial freedom, time freedom, and health in their lives. The ‘work’ I do is incredibly rewarding. Every time I talk to someone about my business or train someone in my business I get pumped up all over again.

The third component to setting yourself up for success is support. Without the proper support, you’ll end up spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of your valuable time (and money), without the desired results.

So, in summary, here’s what you need to do to set yourself up for success in these turbulent times:

1) Stop being controlled by fear. Open up to the joy and abundance that’s all around you, and tap into your creativity.

2)Start your own business (for an extremely low start-up cost, no overhead, no employees, etc I HIGHLY recommend Network Marketing).

3)Seek out the best support you can. Find someone who is successful that offers free coaching, training and support and join them in their company. Then follow in their footsteps (ie: do what they tell you to do and you’ll be successful to!). Learn more about my own success principles here.

I wish you the greatest success. If I can help you, please contact me and let me know. Helping others is what I am most passionate about… it’s what I live for.

Expect Abundance,


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