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3 Easy Tips to Help You Provide Value For Your Audience

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Many times as entrepreneurs and bloggers, we get tripped up about the best way to provide value for our audience.

Honestly, most of the time people tend to over complicate this, so in today’s post I want to shed some light on this important topic.

Since I know you really want to create awesome posts that are read, loved, shared, and that keep your audience coming back for more, this post should help you.

3 Easy Tips to Help You Provide Value For Your Audience

1. Give yourself credit for the knowledge you already have

Often times, as we learn things in our business and our niche, we start to take our knowledge for granted.

We start to assume that everybody already knows the things we know, and that we don’t have much in the way of new value to share.

This is not true.

Here’s the thing…

You know more than you think you do. Way more.

And, even if you feel like a bit of a novice in some areas, remember that as long as you know more than the person you are teaching and they are getting value from what you’re sharing, you’re right on track.

So don’t forget to give yourself credit for the things you know. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that we’ve taken the time to learn that can make the biggest difference for someone that hasn’t learned them yet.

And, regardless of what niche you’re in, if it’s a niche you a truly passionate about, I’m sure you know lots of little things that can make a big difference for someone.

So, rather than feeling like you have to become a professor on your topic and go out and acquire more information before you can teach anybody anything, start with what you already know. Your audience will love you for it.

2. Stay one step ahead of your audience

As I mentioned in tip #1, as long as you know more than the person your are teaching, you are providing value for them.

So, the key is just to always stay one step in front of your audience, and you will never run out of valuable things to teach them.

Sometimes people get tripped up because they feel like they need to be a complete expert in their niche before they can provide value for people. And, actually, staying just one step ahead of them is often MORE valuable for your audience in terms of them being able to learn and apply what you’re teaching.

The reason for this is that if you are one step ahead of them, they can literally take what you’re teaching them and apply it RIGHT NOW… as opposed to having to learn everything that you know in order to get top the place where they can even apply your tips.

In other words, if you are always 1000 steps ahead of them, they will have to learn the other 999 things in between before your article or video will even be applicable to them. But if you’re just 1 step ahead of them, they can implement right now.

The beauty of this is that when they implement what you’re teaching right now they will generate results right now, too… and there’s nothing like helping someone generate results to develop loyal followers that will start to follow you everywhere, read all of your posts, buy the products you offer, purchase your coaching, etc.

Helping someone get an immediate result is the ultimate success for you… it’s proof that you provided immense value.

3. Always be learning new things in your niche

Learning new things in your niche is important for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it will help you to stay on the cutting edge and ultimately become an expert on your topic over time.

Secondly, as long as you’re consistently learning new things, you will never run out of new things that you can teach your audience or valuable information that you can share with them.

This is the formula for success when it comes to providing value to your audience:


This is the best way to always stay fresh and current in your niche (learn), to consistently be generating results for yourself (do), and to never run out of ways to provide value for your audience (teach).

As long as your constantly learning new things, you will always be able to provide value for your audience.

*** And, don’t forget to also teach them what you already know like we talked about in tip #1!


There you have it!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this has provided you with some value today. 😉

provide value worksheet 1

As a gift, I put all of these points into a little worksheet for you, so that you can print it out, fill it in, and use it on the days when you’re having writer’s block. No email required, friend! You can download the checklist right here or by clicking the image above.

Anything you’d like to add to what I taught in this post? Anything you’re going to try? Let me  know in the comments below!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, and if you received value, please feel free to share this post with your friends.

I appreciate you!

With so much love and gratitude,



  1. Wow…this was just what I needed Amy and as always, perfect Timing. What you said in #1 and #2 is exactly how I’ve been feeling, although deep down, I know I have knowledge that can help someone somewhere along their path. and I was just telling a good friend of mine about my plan to do #3. WOO Hoo!! Thanks for the reminder and cheat Sheet! Blessings,

    1. Author

      Yay! So glad to hear this was helpful and timely, Regina. Can’t wait to see what you create now from your beautiful wisdom. 🙂

  2. Awesome post Amy. These are simple things but for some reason we ignore simple things very often and we believe that more complicated things will work better.

    #1 is in my opinion the most important and here is why:

    The other day one of my friends asked me about my ‘job’ so I started to share what I do and when I started to go into the details (online business basics) I saw that he didn’t know at all what I was talking about.

    That day I understood that what I know about online business is what most of the People (even those who want to make money online) don’t know and that I have a lot of things that I can share with people.

    What for me is also very important when it comes to providing value is CONSISTENCY because it is the only way to become better in what I do and also attract better people 🙂

    1. Author

      Yes, Michael! That’s exactly it!

      And, when we overlook the simple things, we go into perfection mode and learning mode… always feeling like we need to learn more before we can teach. When actually it works better, and serves people on a greater level, if we teach AS we learn.

      Thanks so much for your input, and for stopping by today. 🙂

  3. Yes, another great point from your side 🙂 Going into perfection mode and learning mode is something that happens very often because we just believe that we are not good enough which isn’t true AT ALL.

    I think that in everything we need balance and what I mean by that is that it’s not good idea to keep learning without teching and also teaching without learning (in this case our ego takes control).

    1. Author

      Yes! As long as we teach as we learn, we can 1) avoid paralysis by analysis and 2) provide WAY more value to our audience!

      You hit the nail on the head, Michael. 🙂

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