No Excuses Summit 3 Webinar Replay Available Now! (And the Importance of Attending Events)

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No Excuses Summit 3 Webinar Replay Available Now! (And the Importance of Attending Events)

cosmopolitan las vegas no excuses summitThe lines were packed on the webinar last night as everyone scrambled for a spot to hear 16+ of the top leaders/earners in the industry (and I know lots of people were trying to get in and couldn’t). It was a great preview for what can be expected at the upcoming No Excuses Summit 3 in Las Vegas, and really hits home the importance of attending events.

Fortunately, the webinar was recorded and the replay is now available!

Click here to watch it (no opt-in necessary).

Also, be sure to scroll down the page when you’re there (or read my post from yesterday) to see all of the bonuses that will be expiring soon!

The Importance of Attending Events

If you’re dead serious about building a home-based business, there are literally No Excuses (pun intended) for you to miss this event.

As Todd Falcone so eloquently stated on last night’s webinar, “Leaders are born at events.”

I know from my own personal experience, that attending events is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself and your business. If it weren’t for all of the events that I’ve attended over the years, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet all of the incredible leaders and mentors that I’ve met, and I would have lost out on some of the most incredible training I’ve ever received.

Not to mention, attending events is just flat-out fun. There’s a lot to be said for the social aspect of these events, and this one is in Las Vegas (at the new Cosmopolitan!)… it doesn’t get much more fun than that in my opinion. 🙂

As a matter of fact (and one of the things that makes the No Excuses Summit so unique), several of the speakers this year are people who attended this event last year as students and who have applied what they learned and leveraged the relationships that were formed at last year’s event in order to achieve a gigantic level of success and earned them the right to speak on stage exactly 1 year later. Amazing.

Events literally change lives…

And, who knows… maybe YOU will be a speaker at next year’s No Excuses Summit after attending this event this year. 🙂

Go here now to see last night’s webinar replay and secure your spot at the No Excuses Summit 3 in Las Vegas in April.

And, if you buy your ticket through this link, please email me your receipt so I can send you the special bonus that I’m personally offering (you can learn more about that here).

I also just want to keep track of who’s coming because I want to hang out with you all in Vegas. 🙂

Please leave any questions or comments about the No Excuses Summit 3 or the importance of attending events below…

Expect Abundance,

Amy Starr Allen

p.s. If you’re serious about succeeding and are willing to do what it takes, you won’t try to do it without this amazing system.

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  1. Thanks Amy! I had to miss the webinar and even without listening to it yet I get the energy of it from your post. I hope it works out that I can go with you! 🙂 Rosie

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