MLSP (My Lead System Pro) & the Empower Network- Are You Missing Out On These Incredible Joint Ventures?

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MLSP (My Lead System Pro) & the Empower Network- Are You Missing Out On These Incredible Joint Ventures?

MLSP Empower Network Joint VenturesIf you’re in the network marketing industry and the only thing you have to offer your prospects is your primary business, you’re missing out BIG TIME on 2 of the most powerful joint ventures in the industry, MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and the Empower Network.

These 2 systems will give you something to offer people even if they’re not interested in your primary company, an opportunity to help more people and build a bigger network, and an opportunity to stay in the forefront for people so that in the event that they ever decide to change primary companies, you’re the first person they think about joining. They also give you a powerful funded proposal, a way to make money upfront before you even mention your primary business to your prospects. It’s simply a win-win…

MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

MLSP is an incredible attraction marketing system that helps people in any network marketing company build their business faster by becoming the ‘hunted’ rather than the ‘hunter’. The system comes equipped with dynamic capture pages to use to generate leads, a back-office chock full of cutting edge internet marketing training (I refer to it as ‘internet marketing university’), and a rock-solid community consisting of many of the top earners and leaders in the network marketing industry.

MLSP gives network marketers the tools to brand themselves as leaders in the industry, and provides in-depth internet marketing training for every type of marketing on the internet imaginable.

Go here for an in-depth overview of MLSP.

Empower Network

The Empower Network is a community of network marketers from all kinds of different companies who have come together to support each other, using a viral blogging system and some of the most valuable marketing training available anywhere.

One of the incredible features of the Empower Network is that it guides it’s members to set up their own merchant account, and then pays 100% commissions to it’s affiliates.

The Empower Network currently offers 4 different products (I currently use all 4 and HIGHLY recommend all of them). What’s awesome is that, due to the 100% commission payout structure, once you refer 1 person to any of the products, it covers the cost of yours completely so that everything above and beyond becomes profit.

A couple of the products in the Empower Network provide residual income as well, allowing affiliates to quickly create another significant stream of residual income in addition to their primary company to fund their marketing and help grow their businesses even faster.

I could go on all day about it, but I recommend watching this video about the Empower Network now for an in depth overview.

MLSP & The Empower Network

In addition to the in-depth overviews for MLSP and the Empower Network that I recommended above, here’s a quick video I put together to explain how to use these 2 systems as joint ventures as well:

Click here to join MLSP now.

Click here to join the Empower Network now.

And in case you  missed the links to the overviews for MLSP and the Empower Network above, here they are again.

MLSP overview

Empower Network overview

Again, if you’re not using MLSP and the Empower Network to

  1. build your business WAY faster and
  2. have a joint venture and a funded proposal to allow you to work with WAY more people and create additional income to fund your marketing

…you’re seriously missing the boat.

Please let me know if you have any questions about MLSP or the Empower Network… but for a mere $9.97 to get started in MLSP and $25 to get started in the Empower Network, it’s just a no-brainer (if you’re serious about succeeding in the network marketing industry, that is).

Please leave your questions and comments about MLSP and the Empower Network below.

Expect Abundance,

Amy Starr Allen




  1. Amy, you may not want to answer this, but if someone HAD to choose one program to start with, would you advise MLSP or Empower? I’ll hang up and listen.

    1. Author

      It depends, Ken. I LOVE MLSP because it really helps people brand themselves and use true attraction marketing. The system has many streams of residual income built in so many people, regardless of whether they even join MLSP will take advantage of the products that are offered (the autoresponders are written by some amazing copywriters, too, so they concert really well). People can start to generate leads immediately with the system campaigns and the capture pages included, and then create their own custom capture pages as well. It’s not even necessary to have a blog if someone’s not interested in that. If someone is simply interested in blogging, the Empower Network would be a simpler way to go for sure, but it doesn’t do much as far as personal branding (in my opinion). I truly love both for different reasons and will continue to use both! Hope this helps… let me know if you still have questions. 🙂 xo

  2. You do such a great job on this that I’m tempted to sign up a second time! What an inspiration you are 🙂

  3. Thanks for this insightful post Amy. I truly believe that BOTH systems have great benefits to those building a primary business online, or even off-line. Your posts are always so helpful and I appreciate YOU!

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  6. I love your review of these two companies. I just signed up with Rob Fore under in MLSP. I also am a part of Empower Network as well. The reason that I love this video is because it has answered my question, and that is ” Is it possible to use MLSP and Empower Network at the same time and see results?”I had the feeling that this would be a good idea to be using both but thought that maybe they would conflict with each other. I feel very excited and I love what both of these companies have to offer.
    Thank you so much Amy I really appreciate it.
    P.S. Is this blog made with the blogging platform that Empower Network Provides?
    P.s.s. Great Blog, Great SEO!!!!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Ronald. No, this is a regular WordPress blog that I designed. 🙂

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