This should be so exciting for you..

A huge turning point in your life and business.

I know it was for me…

The day I was introduced to MLSP was a turning point in my life.

Is was the day I started to generate leads on a daily basis online from home… the day I got to give up the ‘3-foot-rule, home parties, and pestering my friends and family about my business.

It was MLSP that led me into the world of online marketing… a place where I have met some of my dearest mentors and friends.

It’s also because of this platform that I’ve been able to create time freedom in my busy life as a single mom, to be able to spend time with my children and to treat them to the amazing vacations and lifestyle they deserve.

I’d love to partner with you, work with you, and mentor you inside of this amazing platform, My Lead System Pro!


My Lead System Pro

When you join me in My Lead System Pro at the Mastery Level I will help you with whatever business you are in!

I will help you build your current network marketing business, brand yourself as a leader, promote your own products, and if it suits you, you can work alongside of me in my primary business.


What you will get from me:

  • 1 on 1 coaching sessions for all of my Mastery members– This is where we really dive deep down into your business and devise a plan to get you where you need to go. Having a coach could be all the difference you need to succeed in your business. Consider me your successor!
  • Access to all of my Team resources and training including our MLSP Mastermind Facebook group, team masterminds, free training, etc.
  • Weekly Group coaching or strategy sessions – Masterminding is one of the biggest successors you can have. I host regular team training and mastermind sessions that you can come on live and get a ton of hands on attention and even exposure.
  • Unlimited Support – While you are starting your journey in MLSP you will more then likely need support. My goal is to ensure that no one on my team gets left behind. I provide a community with lots of leaders just like you on the same mission eager to help you. You will get instant access to the Facebook Mastermind when you join the team!



(For those that choose to take advantage of MLSP Mastery Annual)

I see Annual Mastery for the much more serious and that makes me want to spend more time with anyone that pays for the year in advance but a extra perk you should pay close attention too is that MLSP Annual Mastery saves you roughly $300 (which equates to 2 months free).

And, not only do you get to take advantage of that huge savings… but I have an additional bonus for you as well (this is huge!).

When you purchase an Annual Mastery Membership, I am going to give you this additional bonus:

  • Access to my 5 Module Next Level Blogging Blueprint Course– I have poured my heart and soul into this training… and inside you will literally get to watch over my shoulder in 5 modules worth of videos that will show you EXACTLY what I have done to be able to generate a 6-figure income from my blog! It currently sells on my main site for $1497 and when you join Annual Mastery you get it for FREE as a bonus! Learn more about the Next Level Blogging Blueprint here (you can purchase it at a discount on that page for $997, or get it for free when you join MLSP Mastery Annual).

*** I will provide the course to you 6 weeks after you join due to the MLSP refund policy.

That’s serious value for those that are serious about their business and it will allow you to be leaps ahead of your competition even as a newbie. Join Mastery Annual or Mastery monthly to get started and finally take your business to the next level.

If you are interested in working with me but would like a consultation first send me a message on Facebook HERE and I will contact you for a 15 minute phone conversation.

Look forward to working with you soon!

With love,




Amy Starr Allen












Amy Starr Allen

Creator of the Next Level Blogging Blueprint


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