MLM Sex Appeal – How to Make Sure Your Business Has it

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MLM sex appealYou may not have heard the term MLM Sex Appeal before… but it’s an important concept to understand (especially if you want to be a top producer in the Network Marketing (MLM) industry.

You see, most people who are building businesses in the MLM industry are all doing the same exact things… sending prospects to their replicating websites, marketing the company’s products, and using all of the standard marketing methods that are provided by their specific MLM company.

The problem with this is that there’s absolutely no MLM sex appeal in it, and there’s only so far a person can actually go while doing these things.

The main thing to understand is that people are looking more specifically for a leader to join than they are looking for a company. And there’s absolutely nothing unique or exciting for your prospect when they show up at the replicating site for your MLM that you send them to. There’s no MLM sex appeal in that.

The MLM sex appeal comes in when you can show your prospect that you hold the keys to a business and a way to build that business that they can actually get excited about.


Anyone can show a new person how to do all of the old traditional methods of building a business in MLM such as cold calling leads, talking to friends and family, handing out replicating websites, etc. But when you posess MLM sex appeal and can show a prospect or a new member how to build a business in a way that’s less traditional, using a unique system or tool or plan, they are much more likely to want to join YOU.

If your MLM company has any clout whatsoever in the industry, your prospects have certainly seen the replicating website or the presentation before. And there’s absolutely nothing that will make you stand out from the rest of the people in your company or others in the MLM industry when you send them to the same old same old and offer to teach them the same old same old techniques.

This is where MLM sex appeal comes into play. When you can come up with a system or a plan that is unique, fun and sexy, that’s when you’ll start attracting people to you in droves.

This idea that I’m speaking of (MLM sex appeal) is often referred to as a ‘value engine’ as well. Can you think of a way to provide value for a new person joining your business that nobody else in your company can offer?

Here’s an example: I recently created a team site that is specifically for my team and the people that join my team in the future. The site offers an opportunity for each team member to brand themselves, as well as unique presentations to send prospects to and streamlined training for new members. We also offer team co-ops for online ads and lots of fun ways to give people the opportunity to leverage their business building efforst by using the internet, even if they know absolutely nothing about internet marketing.

What’s so cool about creating something unique is that it then becomes an incentive that you can offer your prospects if they decide to join your team. And it’s an incentive that your team can offer as well, which will allow you to help them succeed much more quickly (and to have fun building their businesses). Make sense?

Here’s a quick video I made about MLM Sex Appeal:

If you can offer your prospects something with MLM sex appeal… something that they can get excited about that literally makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning to go do… they’ll not only want to join you in your business, but they’ll be much more likely to succeed when they do… because they’ll have MLM sex appeal, too. 🙂

I’d love to hear you comments… I know MLM sex aappeal is an interesting topic… I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Also, please share any ideas you have used or are planning to use to create MLM sex appeal in your business!

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