MLM Leader Series: Interview With Super Star Director Esther Hartsky of Scentsy

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Scentsy Wickless Candles Review: Interview With Super Star Director Esther Hartsky of Laramie Wyoming

This interview is part of my MLM Leader Series, a series of interviews with some leaders from different companies in the Network Marketing industry. This series will help provide exposure for different leaders in different network marketing companies as well as provide you with a raw, inside view of these companies and the leaders that are succeeding in them.


Esther & Matt Hartsky



In today’s interview, we will be talking about Scentsy Wickless Candles, and you will get a juicy sneak peak at an interview I did with Esther Hartsky who is currently a Super Star Director in Scentsy Wickless Candles.

Scentsy Esther Harsky Laramie Wyoming

What type of products do you sell or market with Scentsy?

Scentsy Wickless Candles is a beautiful ceramic pot that has a lightbulb instead of any fire or candle or wick. The lightbulb heats up the scented wax that you put in a little dish and it melts into a liquid, and that’s what disburses the smell… instead of things burningScentsy Candle Warmers Esther Hartsky Laramie in the air and using fire. We also have room sprays, car scents, stuffed animals with smells, etc. The main product is the candle warmers.

Is Scentsy considered aromatherapy?

Yes, aromatherapy in a sense. We do not carry essential oils, but scents and smells can bring back memories and put you in a good mood, so it’s definitely aromatherapy.

How long have you been in business with Scentsy?

I’ve been with Scentsy a little over 4 years

Do you have a favorite Scentsy product or products?

That’s a dangerous question. People ask me what my favorite scent is and I have so many favorites. The good thing is we have over 80 scents to choose from and over 50 ceramic pots. So we have a pot for every type of home decor and a scent for every taste. Our nose palettes are all different, just like our taste buds, so different scents appeal to different people.

What are some of the scents that Scentsy carries?

There is a lot of variation as I mentioned…

My favorites are the sweet and fruity. And I like different scents for different areas of the house. I love the fresh scents like Coconut Lemongrass in the bathroom because it always smells clean, even when it’s not. I like to pretend that my house is clean by having it smell good.

I like to put a Clean Breeze scent by the laundry room, so it smells like I’m doing laundry. I like the cinnamons in the living room (Scentsy has a lot of cinnamons to choose from).

Some of the scents are seasonal (about 20-25). Scentsy is always testing and improving.

Scentsy also has man scents. They smell like colognes and soaps and deodorants of men (and some women like those, too).

Scentsy has different categories of scents. Favorites, which is a variety of the most popular scents, the Bakery scents which smell like coffee and baking goods, Romance, Spa, Men scents, etc.

The Black Rasberry Vanilla is one of the favorites for a sweet, not too overpowering scent, Cinnamon Bear is the most popular for cinnamon (smells like red hot candy), Perfectly Pomegranate is very popular (juicy,fruity), Skinny Dipping is one of my personal favorites (fresh green apples with melons and juicy pears).

Everybody’s taste is different, but I usually ask people to tell me some scents that they tend to like in candles that they buy, and then I can usually pick them out some scents that they will enjoy.

One of my favorite scents is baby powder. Does Scentsy have anything like that?

Yes, Scentsy has a scent called Newborn Nursery that smells just like baby powder and not only does it come in the wax that you can put in a burner, but it also comes in the car scents and the little things that go in the back of a stuffed animal so you can have a stuffed animal for a baby that smells like baby powder. It makes a nice baby shower gift.

Scentsy Products

Solid Perfume– 5 different scents from Romance collection. People liked the Romance collection so much that they were spraying the room spray on themselves because they wanted to smell like it, so Scentsy created a solid perfume. It’s a deodorant type of texture, you can put it in your purse and it won’t spill or melt. Enchanted Mist is my favorite.Scentsy Buddies Esther Hartsky Laramie Wyoming

Scentsy Buddies– stuffed animals (lamb, pig, frog, lion, monkey, elephant, cat, dog). They have a zipper pouch so that you can put a scent pack in the back to make your animals smell… there are lots of different scents to choose from.

Scentsy Warmers Esther Hartsky Laramie Wyoming3 different sizes of warmers– full-size (25 watt light bulb), mid size (20 watt light bulb), plug-in (15 watt lightbulb)- night light size.

The warmers are safe to leave on 24/7 if you want to. 2 little squares give you 50-80 hours of scent so once you buy the pot, it’s like having a cheap candle because the wax comes in bars and the bars have 8 squares and you just use 2 at a time. (so basically you get a months worth of scent in a $5 bar).

Travel Tin– gel that won’t melt or spill so you can put it in your car, your linen closet, your underwear drawer, etc.

Scent Circles– come in all 80 scents

Room Sprays– come in all 80 scents

Fragrance Foam– antibacterial foam, contains scent but no alcohol. My kids keep them in their desks at school so they can wash their hands without the alcohol.

Why did you choose to create an income with Scentsy?

I love the product… I loved candles before I started and I love smelly stuff. It’s important to me to walk in and have my house smelling good. And it’s also important that it’s safe. I like the fact that I can turn on my warmers and leave and go to the store and come back and have my house smelling good without having to worry about blowing out candles.

I love the simplicity of the Scentsy products– there’s not a huge catalog, it doesn’t change every week, and it’s very easy to explain.

I love the target market for Scentsy– 90% of the population love candles, and this is a unique product (newer, safer, more variety).

I love the company- The motto of Scentsy is Giving More Than You Take. They’ve given so much to charities, and are always doing things to help Scentsy families. Right now we’re doing a Ronald McDonald House charity. Each time Scentsy does a big fundraiser, we are able to donate over $500,000 to different charities. It’s a wholesome company and their morals are in the right place. It feels like a big family.

What countries does Scentsy currently operate in?

US, Canada, UK, Germany- we’re not stopping there… Scentsy will continue opening up new markets internationally.

How long has Scentsy been in business?

Scentsy is an 8-year-old company. It’s a young company, so much potential and so much growth yet to be had.

Is your focus on recruiting team members, selling products, or both?

Definitely both, but my focus is on recruiting and creating residual income.

My focus is always both because some people fall in love with the product and then they become a consultant, or they host a couple of parties and say. “Gee, I should be doing this.” So I don’t limit it to one or the other. Some people come in through the product and others are looking for an opportunity like this (which is, in my opinion, the opportunity of a lifetime) and many come in without even seeing the product, which is what I did.

What is your current rank in Scentsy?

I’m at the top, at the highest level that you can reach- Super Star Director. I became Director in a year, 2 years to get to Start director and then 1 year after that I got to Super Star Director. I have 500 people on my team.

What are some of the benefits for people to host a party with Scentsy?

The benefits with Scentsy are awesome… people are always really pleased. It depends on how big your party is, but it’s anywhere from 10-15% of your party total in free product. A $500 party pays 15% so $60 in free product, plus 3 products at half off (this includes packages).

Scentsy Esther Hartsky

How have you been affected during the recession?

I can’t imagine not having Scentsy through the recession. I started Scentsy when I was pregnant with my third son, and my goal was to be able to stay home with him, which I ended up being able to do.

My career before Scentsy was as an interpreter for the deaf, and I love doing that so I continue to do it to keep up my skills, but I love that I no longer have to thanks to my Scentsy business.

Scentsy has been breaking records during the recession. We are always in the top for recruiting, selling, and keeping our recruits. A business with Scentsy is a great way to survive during the recession!

Scentsy is our security…a couple of years ago I was hospitalized for a couple of weeks and the checks kept coming in. That was a big eye opener for my husband and I.

Have you been able to help others on your team have the kind of success you’ve had?

Yes… I’m always here for my team, it’s the sharing of a journey. I can’t do the work for them, but for the ones that want it, I help them get there and I love celebrating with them.

What do you offer as far as support for your team?

We have a Facebook group. But Scentsy, as a company, has it set up so well that it’s hard to do more than what Scentsy is already doing. We have ‘Training Tuesdays’ and if you miss it, it’s archived so that you can go to it later. We can send team members to certain calls, etc. The company truly supports us all.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share about yourself or Scentsy?

I would just like to share that I have never had a single customer ever ask for a refund. If people don’t already love candles, they simply don’t buy our products. But the people that love candles, LOVE Scentsy.

I had a dog one time eat 76 Scentsy bars. It’s just like eating a crayon… it’s non-toxic and safe. The dog was fine. 🙂

I would encourage anybody that’s interested in something like this to host a Scentsy party and see how easy it is to set up and how little we really have to do.

It’s been great to be part of something that’s bigger than myself, something so profitable. I got a huge bonus check at Christmas this year and it was really exciting to get rewarded for all of the fun work I’ve done over the last 4 years.

If you’d like to work with Scentsy and Esther Hartsky (or ask her a question), here’s how to find her:

Phone: 970.580.4334

Web address:


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  1. Great interview, Amy! And I absolutely LOVE Scentsey! I have been using their products for over a year now and all I can say is YYYUUUUMMMMMMM!!!

    Also, it goes to show that just because you represent your own primary MLM company doesn’t mean you can’t support others in their Network Marketing business!

    Thanks for the info!!

    1. Author

      That’s exactly right… I try to support as many other people in the industry as possible. If I can get something from a network marketer instead of a store, I’d much rather do it that way to keep supporting our awesome industry. There are a ton of amazing products out there… we may as well be supporting each other as ebtrepreneurs. 🙂 xo

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