MLM Leader Series: Interview With Diamond Kirsten McCay-Smith of Team Beach Body

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Beach Body Review: Interview With Diamond Kirsten McCay-Smith of Johnstown Colorado

This interview is part of my MLM Leader Series,  a series of interviews with some leaders from different companies in the Network Marketing industry. This series will help provide exposure for different leaders in different network marketing companies as well as  provide you with a raw, inside view of these companies and the leaders that are succeeding in them.

Kirsten McCay Smith Team Beach Body Johnstown Colorado

Kirsten McCay-Smith



In today’s interview, we will be talking about Beach Body, and you will get a juicy sneak peak at an interview I did with Kirsten McCay-Smith who is currently a Diamond in Beach Body.





What type of products do you market and sell with Beach Body?

We sell in home fitness programs which consist of DVD programs that include fitness (work out programs) and nutrition and we also sell supplements and meal replacements.

How long have you been with BeachBody, and how long has the company been around?

BeachBody started out as an infomercial company, and in 2008 it became a network marketing company. I’ve been with the company for 1 year.

What is your favorite Beach Body product?

There are so many different things… if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Insanity, which is a workout.

I’ve done P90x. Is it similar to that?

Yes, but P90x is a strength based program and Insanity is cardio based. Insanity is more of a boot camp type workout where you’re doing a lot of cardio and jumping around a lot, but they throw in push ups and lunges and squats so there are still some strength components to it.

Can people buy one specific product, or is it a package deal when people join BeachBody?

People can do it however they want. We have a free membership site that people can join and they get access to the BeachBody community which offers a lot of help and support with their health and fitness goals. Then there’s also a paying membership site ($30 every 3 months) and that gives them access to the nutrition portion of the site where, based on their goals and what kinds of foods they like and how they like to eat, the website makes them out a shopping list and meal plans and recipes, etc.

Anyone, whether they are a free member or a paying member, can purchase any of the the individual products. BeachBody has about 50 workout DVD’s, they are all systems that come with a nutritional plan and a fitness plan. We also have supplements, like multivitamins, recovery drinks, meal replacement drinks, and other supplements like omega 3’s, joint support, metabolism support.

So if someone signs up as a free member with Beach Body, are they somehow tracked to you in the event that they decide to buy something?

Yes, if someone goes to my site as a coach (, and they click ‘free membership’, then if they ever go back in to buy something I would be credited for the sale.

You say you are a coach… is that a certification you have to get with BeachBody?

No, that’s just what they call their consultants (instead of a rep or a distributor), because we’re coaching people to better health and fitness.

When someone buys the Beach Body products through you, do you stand beside them and help them to make sure they’re on track to hit their goals, etc.?

Yes, absolutely. And that’s actually a good selling point. People can go to Ebay or Craigslist to buy P90X, but they wouldn’t get any support that way. When they buy from me, they get me as a coach. And I actually have an extensive background in heath and fitness, which not all of our coaches do. I was a personal trainer for 17 years, so I bring my experience to the table as well.

I also have some online support groups that I offer, I have some challenge groups where we talk on the phone and text daily, and some accountability groups as well.

Are the support groups just to help people with their health and fitness goals, or do you offer support groups for people who are building a business with BeachBody as well?

Both. I have groups for the people who want to get in shape or lose weight or gain weight, etc and then I also have support groups for the people on my team that are coaches so that I can support them in building a business with BeachBody.

What is your current rank in Beach Body?

I’m a Diamond.

And what are the ranks that you’ve already passed through?

When you start out in Beach Body, you’re called an Active Coach, then the leadership ranks are Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and then Star-Diamond (depending on how many Diamonds you have on your team- for example, once I have a Diamond on my team, I’ll be a 1-Star Diamond).

What is your focus within BeachBody? Are you focusing on bringing in other coaches, or product sales, or both?

My focus is on bringing in other coaches. And I’ve found that majority of people that become coaches, do so because they love the product. So there is a level of patience involved because a lot of people want to see their own transformation before they’re willing to start telling people about it. It’s definitely not uncommon for my coaches to start out as customers.

What are some of the best selling products that Beach Body offers?

Definitely P90x, because it’s the most well-known because of all of the infomercials. And that’s one of my favorite things about Beach Body is that it’s one of the only Network Marketing companies out there that pours millions of dollars into advertising. I love that I never have to explain what P90x is because most people have heard of it or seen the infomercial.

Here is a video about a new program we offer that I love:

What happens when someone places an order through the infomercial? Does BeachBody distribute those sales to the coaches?

Yes, they distribute the sales. But when I meet people who tell me that they ordered a product directly through the BeachBody website, I always ask them if they know who their coach is and often times they don’t. So then I let them know that if they want some support, they can assign me as their coach by simply emailing BeachBody and asking to have me assigned as their coach. Then, from that point forward they would be in my downline (this applies to customers only since many people do order directly from the commercials and do not have a relationship with their coach… if someone signs up as a coach, the company will not move them).

In addition to the product sales, do you get paid on the monthly Beach Body membership sites that people can join?

Yes, we get paid 50% on those. And other than those, the biggest residual product is called Shakeology. It’s a monthly autoship and most people stay on it every month once they try it.Shakeology

Has your BeachBody business been affected by the recession?

My business has been growing. And I know that health and fitness is very important to people and that whether they have money or not, they want to take care of themselves. I know from my own personal experience because health and fitness have always been so important to me, that I will spend money on health and fitness related products before anything else, and I think that’s true for many people.

What is offered from Beach Body as far as support for people who are building a business?

Beach Body offers tons as far as support. Every Monday morning we have a coaches call where they do some recognition, go over what’s new, and then they always have a speaker.P90X 2

And whenever there’s something big coming up, like when P90x 2 was coming out, the company provides additional webinars so that we know exactly what to tell people when they ask about it.


Beach Body also has several Facebook groups to help support people, one for product focused people, one for coaches, etc. And they have a Coaches Training Academy in the back office.

What Beach Body as a company is very focused on is what they call Challenge Groups. They do them with the coaches and then teach the coaches to do them with their customers. It consists of coming up with groups of 5 people to be accountable to each other. They offer incentives for Challenge Groups. For example, if 5 coaches get together and form a group, they will get incentives for hitting certain milestones as a group. They then teach us to create Challenge Groups with our customers. We can group 5 of our customers together who have similar goals (to lose weight, for example) and then they can be accountable to each other. This creates additional accountability to help our customers reach their goals, and also helps people to get support from people other than myself.

And then one of the things that I offer personally, is I send out daily texts. I know that many people get stuck with daily actions… they know what they want but they don’t know exactly what to do to get there. So I send out a text every single day called Today’s Action For Success and it’s just a simple thing that everyone can do that day that will move them closer to being successful in this business.

If somebody was considering joining your team in BeachBody, what would you say is the #1 benefit that they would experience by joining you and BeachBody?

It’s great because we get to help people with their health and fitness and to feel great about themselves which is so fulfilling. And, more specifically, I have to say that the fact that BeachBody spends millions of dollars per year on advertising is a huge benefit as well.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share about yourself or Beach Body?

I just want to say that I love the network marketing industry. And I know there are a lot of great companies out there, so I don’t believe that one is the best and everyone should flock to it. I do know from the success that I’ve had in several companies, that when you find something that’s a good fit for you, there’s no limit to what you can do… and I just love that about this industry.

If you’d like to work with Kirsten McCay-Smith in Team Beach Body or ask her a question, here’s how to find her:

Phone: 970 -214-7745 








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