MLM for MOM: A Book Review From One of My Readers

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Book ReviewI just received my first large shipment of my new book, MLM for MOM- Why Network Marketing is a Natural Fit for Mothers. I already sold out and am getting ready to place another order! Thanks again to all of you who pre-ordered. The book is available everywhere now (it’s only $9.95!), and the best place to order your copy is directly from the publisher. –>> Click here to order your copy now. It’s available in paperback and Ebook.

During the hustle and bustle of getting all of these books sent out to their rightful owners, some reviews are already starting to come in from some of the Ebook purchasers. Here’s one I received today:


Sherine_SingletonMLM For MOM – A Book Review by Sherine Singleton

Just finished reading the book “MLM For MOM by Amy Starr Allen.

Amy takes us on a tour into the basics of the Network Marketing industry and how it has positively impacted her life, as well as, the other women who have been involved with the industry. The overall focus of this book is to highlight how a stay-at-home mom can have a successful career and be a desirable role model to her children – a mother.

Amy writes about how her career in the industry has improved her finances, provided her flexibility and encouraged her personal growth. She also has a few contributing writers who share their experience with their MLM careers. Cindy Lapp and Ali Alvarez were the most impactful. Of course, all of the writers shared many points that any woman or mother can find easy to relate to.

Having read this book, I feel that my career in the Network Marketing industry has a new spark. It has reminded me why I was so attracted to the business model and why I continue to have a desire to pursue it. I highly recommend that any woman or mother that is considering a career in Network Marketing read this book and hear from successful women that have made it work for them!


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