miracles happen when you follow your heart

Miracles Happen When You Follow Your Heart

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I’m feeling so much gratitude today.

I’ve been honoring a promise I made to myself in the beginning of the year to completely trust my intuition and follow my heart, no matter how scary it is or what other people have to say about it,  and it’s been nothing short of miraculous what’s been showing up in my life because of it.

Part of my mission and purpose now has become helping others to be able to do the same.

I hope this video helps you in some way to realize your true potential and that the gifts you have to bring to the world matter and are much needed.

Miracles Happen When You Follow Your Heart

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Did this resonate with you? Did something open up for you?

What has been your experience in your life when you have completely followed your heart?

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Amy Starr Allen

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  1. Amy, This was a raw, candid view of you & how when you listen to your inner self, your inner direction & your inner thoughts & guidance, they’re not going to disappoint you. I have intuitions all the time & why shouldn’t I listen, who knows me better than me. What’s the best feeling, when you’re deciding on something weighing it back & forth, is the “peace” you feel over the right answer/decision.

    Staying true to yourself is following up & following through of your own promises to yourself. I am incredibly happy for you & your growing business & following. Thank you for sharing yourself today, you are an inspiration. My best to you.

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