[Live Training] How To Have An AMAZING Life… No Matter What

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[Live Training] How To Have An AMAZING Life… No Matter What

the universe has your back


Unfortunately, many people go through life NOT trusting…

the Universe…


The process…


Often times human beings feel the need to be in CONTROL…


And this control is what actually keeps us stuck.

This control is what keeps us from having an amazing life, no matter what.

This video explains How To Have an Amazing Life:

Learn more about Amy here.

Join Amy’s team here.

Are you ready to learn…

how to push through the barriers of control

learn how to trust…

and FINALLY have an AMAZING life?

If so, you’ll definitely want to come hang out with us on Tuesday, July 16th at 9pm MDT, right here:



We will be having our weekly team training hangout and we will be guiding you through how to shift this simple yet EXTREMELY powerful area in your life that might be just the thing that’s holding you back from having everything you desire in life.

You will be hearing from some of our team members who will give you live examples that they have used to completely transform their lives…

And we will show you PROOF that this one simple shift could be the key and the answer that you’ve been looking for.

Wouldn’t showing up for this hangout be worth it to you if we could show you how to have an amazing life, no matter what?

Of course it would. 🙂

So just show up right here at 9pm MDT on Tuesday, July 16th:



As a matter of fact, there’s a reason that you’re reading this invitation…

It’s because…

The Universe has your back.

Don’t believe me? Need proof?

Then come join us on Tuesday:



We are Team Be the Change, after all. 🙂

See you Tuesday!

(if you get there early you can watch the replay from last week to learn how one of our team members, Angela, went from $1710 per month to over $11k per month in under 6 months).

Be The Change,



P.S. Team Be the Change is completely committed to consistently helping people have shifts like the one we will be talking about on Tuesday night.

We are seeing life-changing shifts happen in front of our eyes on our team every day.

You could be next…

Join our team today and start being the change YOU want to see in the world…

We’ll help you. 🙂

 join team be the change


(Once you join we will give you your own personal link to invite whoever you’d like to this life-changing hangout on Tuesday.

Don’t delay… there are amazing lives at stake here.) 🙂

Are you ready to have an AMZING life… no matter what? Leave your comments below. And Never give up on your dreams! 🙂


Amy Starr Allen
Empower Network Founding Member
Skype: amystarrallen





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