[Live Event] How To Hire an Assistant With No Financial Commitment (and Skyrocket Your Business)

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Many people have been asking me about the process I went through to hire my assistant, Andrea…

How I started her off with NO financial commitment on my end and how that one decision in my business tripled my income, pretty much instantly.

So, we have a special treat for you…

On Wednesday, February 25th (this week!), Andrea and I will be jumping on a training with you to show you the exact process that started off our business relationship, as well as the evolution of the relationship and where we are today.

I will teach you exactly how you can implement this same process in your business to create exponential growth in your income.

How To Hire an Assistant With No Financial Commitment (and Skyrocket Your Business)

Go here to register.

The live hangout will be on Wednesday, February 25th at 2pm Mountain (4pm eastern, 1pm Pacific).
This training will make an enormous difference in your business if you implement this strategy immediately.

I can’t wait to hangout with you on Wednesday!

Here’s the registration link.

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Amy Starr Allen

Founder of the Next Level Mastermind

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  1. Author

    Yes, it will be, Andrea. And I know it will make a huge difference for tons of people as well. Excited. 🙂

  2. I am so excited to learn how to implement this. I so need an assistant so I can get out of this 40-50hr week J.O.B….time is so precious…

    1. Author

      Awesome, Rhonda. I’m hopeful that this training is gonna change a lot of lives tomorrow. 🙂

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