(August 31, 2017) 🌸I’m a highly sensitive entrepreneur… who knew? 😊 Learning what this means has opened up a whole new world of peace and possibility for me and others. Yay!🌸🌸


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(July 28, 2017) 🌸This one thing will change everything about the results that you get in your business (and the way you live your life).


(July 26, 2017) 🌴🌸 I’m embarking on an exciting new adventure!🌸🌴


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(July 14, 2017) 2 Tips to Help You Create Content That Your Audience Can’t Resist


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(July 1, 2017) Why Being Passionate Moves People

(June 1, 2017) Our 1 Year Anniversary at the Beach (Why It’s Important to Follow Your Heart)