Leaving a Legacy

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Those who achieve great things aren’t in it just for themselves. They build things that last beyond themselves. Things that can be enjoyed by others as well.

The timeless way to figure out if someone achieved great success is to ask yourself, “Did it continue on after they were gone? What kind of legacy did they leave behind?”

You might want to ask yourself that in regard to your business… what kind of legacy am I leaving? What kinds of things are people learning from me? What if all of a sudden I was out of my business for 6 months, what kind of legacy have I left behind?

What kind of legacy are you leaving behind for your family? What will your children grow up to be like? What will your grandchildren grow up to be like?

Highly successful people are always living their lives in order to leave a legacy.

Picture your family after you’re gone, sitting around on Thanksgiving reminiscing, and they say to themselves, “It’s really too bad Mom/Dad isn’t here.” Then they begin to have a conversation. What is that conversation about? That is your legacy.

Do they talk about how loving you were and how kind you were and how you helped them become better people? That’s your legacy.

What type of legacy are you leaving?

This is really a great question to ask yourself on a daily basis. By pondering this daily, you are likely to be forced into greatness and success in all areas of your life. It will cause you to think about the difference you’re making for people, how you speak to your children, siblings, friends, etc. and to just stay really tuned in to who you are being and how you want to be remembered. Try it…

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