Keyword Research Strategies| How to Use Keyword Winner to Optimize Keywords in Your Post Titles & Tags

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How to Use Keyword Winner to Optimize Keywords in Your Post Titles & Tags

If you are using blogging as a strategy to generate business for yourself on the internet, then it’s crucial that you understand the importance of optimizing your posts using keywords so that people (the right people!) can find your posts using the search engines, such as Google.

One of the most important elements of keyword optimization is making sure to optimize the keywords in your post titles and tags.

Having the right keywords in the body of your posts is really important as well… but the most important thing when it comes to getting good rankings for any given blog post consists of making sure to optimize the keywords in your post titles and tags.

When writing a blog most, most bloggers have some idea about what keywords they want to include in their headline (because they know the importance of rankings and SEO when it comes to keywords)  but yet they fail to research keywords properly for any given headline.

The reason optimizing keywords in your post titles and tags is so important is that if you fail to use the actual keywords that people are typing into the search engines when they’re searching for information, answers to their problems, and products/services to buy, they will never see your post because someone else’s content (that is better optimized) will rank higher and they will end up on that person’s sight instead of yours.

Here’s the Problem: Keyword Research Is Time Consuming

If bloggers do take the time to research the keywords in the headline it can be time consuming as they will need to use 3 different windows to check stats:  Google Insights, Google Trends and Google Competition. They will need to go back and forth between these windows to make sure that they optimize their keywords in their post titles and tags, and this can be very tiring.

Keyword Winner is a Quick & Easy Solution to Finding Keywords for Post Titles and Tags

Keyword Winner was recently released to the market and is now the fastest growing SEO WordPress Plugin on the internet. Keyword Winner allows you to  very quickly find keywords based on their competitive nature to suggest the best keyword to use for your blog post titles and will literally save minutes or even  hours of your time researching and implementing all of this.

The real truth is that if you have low competition titles then you can rank high for any keyword whether you have a new or old site. So Keyword Winner is great for those sites that are not only struggling to have their posts reach the top for any given headline but also handy for more experienced sites that want to rank for high competition headlines.

Keyword Winner Will Help You To Take Your Headlines Seriously With Ease

Remember having a powerful headline is the key to having a post that will be easily found in the search engines. Without a powerful headline, it is highly unlikely that the right people (your target audience) will be able to find your post.

So the key here is to really accomplish two things at once:

  1.  having a  powerful headline that attracts attention and
  2.  having  a headline that is optimized so that it gains the most website hits and readers

Having both of these things is what will ultimately lead to more sales and conversions.

Here’s a quick video I created to demonstrate the power of Keyword Winner when it comes to helping you optimize keywords in your post titles and tags:


Click here to learn more about Keyword Winner or to purchase.

I know I mentioned TribePro in the video, so if you’re interested in learning more about TribePro you can visit my post about TribePro here.

Please leave your questions and comments about Keyword Winner and optimizing keywords in your post titles and tags below…


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  1. Thank you for always inspiring me, Amy, with something new and amazing to assist us in our online asset. I am excited about this tool!!

  2. After watching your video I have a question. Do you think it would be useful to have Keyword Winner installed on both my personal blog and my EN blog?

    1. Author

      You can’t install plugins on your EN blog…. so, no. Just your personal one. But you can copy and paste the content that you create on your personal blog to your EN blog and get the same benefits. 🙂 xo

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