Is Making a Difference a Part of Your ‘Why’?

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Is Making a Difference a Part of Your ‘Why’?

Making a differenceI know you’ve heard me talk at length about the importance and power of your ‘Why‘, but I need to ask you this… does your ‘Why’ (the reason why you’re doing whatever business you’re in) have anything to do with making a difference on the planet? Making a difference in your country? In your state? In your community? Your church? Your neighborhood? Your family?

As I spoke about at length in this post about creating a powerful ‘Why’, you have to be in it for something much more than just money. If your ‘Why’ isn’t bigger than you, the chances of you succeeding are not going to be very good.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

One of the most extraordinary things, in my opinion, about the network marketing industry is that those of us that are in it have an amazing opportunity to changes lives for the better on a daily basis. We are constantly making a difference for people in regard to time freedom and financial freedom and, depending on what your primary company is, you can help people with weight loss, health, travel, or whatever your company specializes in as well.

The network marketing industry is filled with people who are interested in making a difference on a larger scale as well. Many of us donate a percentage of our earnings to different charities, or donate our time to different causes.


And, I can assure you that if making a difference is a part of your ultimate ‘Why’, there’s a much greater chance that you will want to jump out of bed every morning to work your business.

I saw this video today and it moved me to tears. It’s a perfect example of someone with a really solid ‘Why’ that is obviously much bigger than him, somebody who is absoutley committed to making a difference.


These are the kinds of experiences that make life worth living.

I’m going to keep this message short and sweet today… mainly I just wanted to share this inspirational video and message and remind you to get out of your own way and to keep your chin up and remember that you’re making a difference.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

I’d love to hear about the way you are making a difference or what your plan is for making a difference in the future. Please share in the comments below…

Expect Abundance,

P.S. Be sure and read this post for much more detailed information about How to Create A Powerful ‘Why’ That Will Cause You To Be Unstoppable.



  1. Hi Amy,

    My experience has been that most people get involved with MLM for their own reasons. Successful marketers eventually do things for the reasons of others. The Why’s of their team become their own Why’s. The best of the best come to the realization that this thing is bigger than all of us. They become selfless.

    1. Author

      Yes, selfless servants as I like to say. Everything becomes MUCH more fulfilling this way (and people ultimately become much more successful as well when they get out of their own way and focus on helping others). 🙂 xo

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