Internet Marketing Success Tips | How to Use Content Marketing Strategies to Create an Asset Online

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Internet Marketing Success Tips| How to Use Content Marketing Strategies to Create an Asset Online

content-marketing-strategiesWhen it comes to marketing on the internet (internet marketing), there are a ton of different options and strategies that you can use. There are pros and cons to most strategies and there isn’t necessarily a ‘best’ strategy. What it really boils down to is finding a strategy that you can really get passionate about and just carve out the time to do it on a daily basis.

One of my all-time favorite ways to market is through content marketing strategies. Content marketing is a great way to express yourself while literally creating an asset for yourself on the internet.

What Do  Content Marketing Strategies Consist Of?

Content Marketing is a way of marketing yourself and your business by providing valuable content on topics that people are searching for using articles, videos, blog posts, etc.

What happens is when someone goes to the search engines and types in a keyword phrase, your content (as long as it’s targeted to these keywords) would show up and they could then click on it and be taken to your blog, your article, your YouTube video, etc.

How to Use Content Marketing Strategies to Create an Asset Online

Here’s a quick example of how to use content marketing strategies

If you wrote a blog post about Affiliate Marketing Techniques and optimized your post for this keyword phrase, then when someone goes to the search engines and types in Affiliate Marketing Techniques, your post would show up and they could click on it and be taken directly to your blog post. On your blog, you could have an opt-in box or a link to a capture form where people can leave their contact information in order to get more information from you.

When someone opts in to get more information, you have now used your content marketing strategies to generate a lead. That lead may turn into a sale and, even it doesn’t turn into a sale right then and there, it becomes a person who is added to your list that you can follow up with, stay in touch with, and continue to market to over time.

Each time you create a new piece of content and post it on the internet, it’s like having a valuable piece of online real estate that will continue to produce results for you over time. This is because your content will stay there once you create it, and the more content you create the more likelyhood of people being able to find you, buy from you, do business with you, etc.

Content Marketing Strategies vs. Paid Marketing Strategies

Content marketing strategies are very unlike paid marketing strategies. Here’s why…

With paid marketing strategies, you have to continuously pay for your marketing in order for anybody to be able to see it. Usually your paid marketing would be in the form of an ad, like a pay-per-click ad on the search engines or on Facebook, a solo ad in an online newsletter, or a banner ad on someone’s website. If you stop paying for your ad, your ad will stop getting exposure and its ability to produce leads for you will come to an abrubt end.

In contrast, when you use content marketing strategies your valuable piece of content will stay on the internet for people to find on the search engines, the article directories, Youtube, etc.  FOREVER. You create it once and, as long as you take the time to do your keyword research and optimize your content, it will continue to produce results for you over time.

If you continuously create new content, you continue to build your online asset. It’s like having a bunch of fish hooks out in the bigcontent marketing fish hooks internet ocean. The more fish hooks you have, the more fish you will catch. And the nice thing about using content marketing strategies is that once you put the fish hook (your piece of content) out on the internet, it will stay there forever so that you can continue to build your asset.

Content Marketing strategies also provide an excellent way to build rapport which will accellerate your business as well…

Here’s a quick video that goes into content marketing strategies a little more:


Awesome Content Marketing platform ==>

Make sense?

Stay tuned, because in part 2 I am going to give you a real life example where I will break it down into actual numbers (content=leads= sales, etc). I will also reveal one of the most powerful methods I use to get the most success with my content marketing strategies. You won’t want to miss this one…

Please leave your questions and comments about how to use content marketing strategies to create an asset online below…

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I’m glad you wrote a post about why content marketing is so great because I am always falling short when trying to explain it to people. You’ve outlined it so well here and now I can use it to assist me the next time! Thanks for being such a great leader!!

    1. Author

      You’re welcome, Rosie. Glad I could help. My next post will be even juicier… I’m going to go into the numbers. 🙂 xo

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