If You’re Serious About Building A Business in the Network Marketing Industry, You Need To See This…

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Network_Marketing_Industry_SuccessHow serious are you about building a successful business in the Network Marketing industry?

Seriously. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I come across people who say they want to build a business in the network marketing industry, but they just don’t take the necessary steps to be successful.

Here’s a perfect example. A couple of times per year there are incredible industry-wide events that happen where network marketers from all different companies in the industry come to get trained by the 6, 7 and 8 figure earners in our industry. The education that happens at these events is literally priceless and always turns out to be a complete game-changer for those that attend (myself included).

In addition to the education, there are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet and socialize with some of the biggest network marketing gurus in the industry, as well as hundreds of other network marketers who are totally committed to succeeding in our fabulous industry.

The funny thing is, out of the millions of people who are claiming to be building a business in the network marketing industry, only about 500-1000 of them show up at these events. What this means is that these 500-1000 people end up with a total advantage over everyone else in the industry… because they have invested in themselves and their businesses and received the training necessary to take things up a notch (or several).

So let me ask you this… have you been to any network marketing industry events lately? If not, why?

Is it because by not attending, you have a really good excuse for not having the tools, skills, education, and connections necessary to truly succeed in the network marketing industry? And then you don’t have to be responsible for being successful?

Or are you simply not willing to invest in yourself and your business and do what it takes to really succeed here?

Whatever the case may be, you can choose to put an end to all of that now. Here’s how…

In October, MLSP will be hosting their 2nd annual Live The Dream Event in Orlando, Florida. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, August 10th, and you will have the opportunity to step it up and attend this event (and then get ready to play in the network marketing big leagues).

I attended the first annual Live the Dream Event last year, and it literally changed my life (and tranformed the way I do business). Not to mention, I made tons of awesome new friends, created joint ventures, got some personal coaching from some of the top leaders in our industry, got invited to an amazing mastermind event, etc. I could go on and on…

All I can say is that the minute the early bird tickets were realeased for Live the Dream II, I bought mine. I am committed to massive success in this industry and I wouldn’t even consider missing an event like this.

Let me remind you as well, I’m a single mom with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old and it can certainly be tricky for me to be able to pull events like this off. But remember, where there’s a will there’s a way, and when you’re serious about succeeding you just do what it takes.

I’ve seriously never attended an event like this where I didn’t come back completely energized, pumped, educated and ready to take my business to the next level. In fact, I usually make back my investment ina matter of weeks when I start implementing everything I learn.

So, that being said, I HIGHLY recommend that you attend the Live the Dream II event in Orlando in October. I’d love to meet you and I can seriously guarantee that you’ll thank me 100 times over for the suggestion.

Some of the leaders in the network marketing industry that will be speaking at the event will be ‘hanging out’ in Google + on Wednesday, August 10th for 4 straight hours and you will have the opportunity to meet them and ask them questions, for free. Do not miss out on this. Go here now to register.

Also, when you go to this page, you’ll get access to more information about Live the Dream II AND (here’s the kicker)… you’ll get 3 incredible bonus videos of footage from Live the Dream I.

They’ve already released the first bonus video of Mike Dillard (the godfather of attraction marketing and the reason I got into it myself). He’s sitting on stage with 5 of the top leaders in the industry, and they’re drilling him with questions.

 I remeber being at the event and how much of a game-changer this conversation was for me. And I watched the video last night and it just cemented the fact that I want everyone I know to see this footage.


It’s that good… I’m not kidding. Some of Mike’s answers in this video have the potential to change your business forever.

So, if for no other reason, go here now and opt in to get access to this Mike Dillard video. And if you want to, you can scroll down the page and see a video of me at the Live the Dream event sharing about what I got out of being there. I was pumped!

Here’a short video that explains all of this as well:


 Go here now for access to your free Mike Dillard video that will change your business forever.

Please let me know if you have any questions… and I can’t wait to see you in Orlando!


Expect Abundance,




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