How To Use Subdomains to Simplify Your Affiliate Marketing (& Make It Look More Professional)

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How To Use Subdomains to Simplify Your Affiliate Marketing (& Make It Look More Professional)

how to use subdomains for affiliate marketingIf you do any type if marketing on the internet, knowing how to use subdomains will simplify your marketing (and make it much more professional).

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is an extended version of your existing domain name that can be used for a specific purpose to help streamline and simplify your marketing.

Depending on where you register your domain name, the packages may be different. I register mine with GoDaddy, so I’ll use GoDaddy for the sake of this demonstration… just know that some of the facts and techniques may differ.

When you register a domain name with Godaddy, you get 99 free subdomains that you can use with each domain name that you register. This makes it very easy to create a unique subdomain each time you have a different affiliate link, etc that you want to use within that domain name.

Here’s a quick video that explains how to use subdomains:


Some Examples of How To Use Subdomains

Here are some personal examples of “how to use subdomains”.

I am a member of the Empower Network, and when we market within the Empower Network we are given an affiliate link for each capture page, video, Livestream, Facebook app, etc that we can use to market the Empower Network with.

I registered the domain name that takes people directly to one of my capture pages when they click on it. It’s a much cleaner way to send someone to my page, as my actual link looks like this:

From that domain name (, I can create up to 99 subdomains that are relevant.

For example, within the Empower Network we often have Livestreams that we can send people to to get training and learn more about the Empower Network. My link to send people to these Livestreams looks like this:

However, in order to simplify and streamline my marketing, I created the subdomain .

This way, when I’m promoting a Livestream on Facebook or in an email or whatever, I don’t have to remember my long affiliate link, I can just use my neat and tidy subdomain (and it looks way more professional, too).

The Empower Network also has a cool Facebook app where we can send people to watch Livestreams, etc right in Facebook. My affiliate link for that looks like this:

But I created the subdomain that I can use to easily send people to my Facebook app page.

The Empower Network also has multiple capture pages that we can use to promote it… I’ve created subdomains for each of these as well so that I can easily send people to the one I think is best at any given time.

For example, for this capture page:, I created the subdomain .

And for this captire page: I created the subdomain

There are a ton of things you can use subdomains for… the uses are literally endless. And there is no additional cost to create subdomains once you have purchased your domain name, so you can use them freely to simplify and streamline and tidy up your marketing.

Please let me know if you have any questions on how to use subdomains to simplify your affiliate marketing, and feel free to share some of the other ways that you use subdomains to professionalize your marketing as well.

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