How to Track Your Leads and Sales Using Tools You Already Own HBA Funnel Builder Review & Demo

How to Track Your Leads and Sales Using Tools You Already Own

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If you are running any type of an online or digital business where you are generating leads and sales online, it’s important to know exactly where your leads and sales are coming from.

In this video, I will show you how I track my leads and sales so that I can see exactly:

– which capture page each of my leads opted in to
– what social medial platforms are generating me the most leads
– which specific YouTube videos are generating leads and sales for me
– which specific blog posts are generating leads and sales for my business
– which social media platform, YouTube video, or blog post each of my sales came from
– which capture pages my paying customers are opting into that are generating sales for me

… and more!

I also showed you how I easily do this using the HBA Funnel Builder (this is the page builder I use for all of my lead generation pages), so if you are using a different platform, the process may be slightly different.

I hope this video helps to shed some light on why it’s important to track your leads and sales.

Having this information is important in order to be able to scale your business.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How to Track Your Leads and Sales Using Tools You Already Own

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I love you!

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  1. I have tried funnel builders. The plugging in to preexisting wireframes for text and pictures is problematic. I want to create a social media page or bridge page that has room enough for what I want to say and looks elegant. I want to upload pictures that have different ratios and sizes and have them fit symetrically. I am struggling with this. So, I am taking courses in webpage design. I am trying to understand how to find keywords and terms that rank high for a product or an idea and apply them into my content to rank high in SEO. I have wasted money with companies pushing their prebuilt funnel pages and a billion step program to become marketable. I want to find content produced by the seller or ranks high in SEO, apply a rewriter, edit the mess it makes with good sentances, add high ranking keywords, good graphics, and not plagiarize. I want to try Aweber. I have found a number of free sites that help with short URLs, free graphics, URL keyword analytics. Rewriters, call to action button generators etcetera. But I am still having difficulty crating a beautiful page.

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