How to Promote Your Products and Services Using Someone Else’s Video [HBA Funnel Builder Demo]

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Want to use a leader’ awesome video to promote your stuff? Check out this simple hack!

Yesterday, I received an email from someone asking if they could use one of my videos to promote the affiliate program that we are both in.

I said,

“Of course!”

HOWEVER, I also did not recommend that she sends her people and prospects to my YouTube channel because that would distract them from taking the next step with HER.

Instead, I recommended that she create simple video page using the HBA Funnel Builder, add my video, and a button underneath the video for people to take the next step with her.

I showed you exactly how to do this (in just a few clicks using the HBA Funnel Builder) in this video.

I also covered how you can do this for whatever type of business you are promoting (network marketing, etc), using the videos that already been created by the leaders in your company, or the company itself.

It’s so simple… watch this quick video to learn how!

How to Promote Your Products and Services Using Someone Else’s Video [HBA Funnel Builder Demo]

I also did a full hour long training that goes into more detail about other things you can use video pages for in your business. You can watch that training here.

As always, leave me a comment below if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

I love you!

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  1. Thanks Amy, That sounds amazing. Just one question, Amy , if i were to use somebody eles’e video/content would I not need to ask for their permission first? Also, I do have the funnel builder I got through you, Do you have a video on that I could use to promote?
    PS that’s 2 questions lol

    Thanks Amy


    1. Author

      It never hurts to ask permission, but if a video is public on YouTube, most people are happy for it to get as many views as possible and are always happy to have others share it.

      Yes, I have tons of videos about the funnel builder on my YouTube channel. You are welcome to use any of them. I actually have a whole playlist of videos there about the funnel builder. You can see it here and choose whichever video(s) you want to use:

  2. Super easy! Just love how using the HBA Funnel Builder makes creating a video sales page so easy! Love it, thanks for sharing this wonderful quick training 🙂

    1. Author

      You’re welcome, LT. I agree… I love how easy (and fun) the HBA Funnel Builder makes EVERYTHING. 🙂

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