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How To Grow Your Facebook Audience in 7 Days

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One of the challenges I see very often when it comes to Facebook marketing is that people are many times trying to market to their friends and family from their Facebook profile instead of building a targeted audience that they can market to from their fan page.

There are 3 main reasons why this doesn’t work well:

  1. Often times your friends and family are not AT ALL interested in your business, products or services, or even in the amazing content that you share on your blog. Your friends and family love to interact with you on Facebook, but not about business. They want to see your family photos and videos and get updates about your personal life events, but when you start sharing about your business-related niche, many of them will instantly tune out.
  2. Your profile is limited to 5000 friends. This means, once you reach the 5000 max, you have to ‘unfriend’ people in order to be able to add more friends… and you can never have an audience on your profile of more than 5000 people.
  3. Even if you have maxed out your Facebook profile at 5000 people, chances ar that the majority of them are NOT in your target audience when it comes o marketing your business.

Building a Facebook Business Page

Instead of trying to market to your friends and family, what’s better is to build a targeted audience on your business (fan) page on Facebook.

When you specifically target the people who would most benefit from your message, your content, your products and your services and invite them to come hang out with you on your fan page, you can basically ‘preach to the choir’ instead of landing on deafened ears.

And the beauty of building an audience on your Facebook business page, is that there is not limit to the the size of the audience you can build. Many people have tens of thousands of followers on their business page, some even have hundreds of thousands, or millions.

Once you understand the process of building your facebook audience using your fan page, you can easily continue to scale up and build your audience as big as you want it to be. And then you ca get your message in front of the RIGHT people… the people who actually want to hear about what you have to offer.

I’ve explained this process for you in this video, and I’ve also created a free Facebook group so that you can join us for the upcoming 7 day challenge to get your fan page off the ground.


Click here to join the free Facebook group and Grow Your Facebook Audience in 7 Days!

This challenge starts on Tuesday, September 19th! Tell your friends!

**If you missed the deadline, no worries! Click here to get on the waiting list and I’ll let you know as soon as I open the doors back up!

I hope you enjoyed today’s video… and I hope you are as excited as I am to get your Facebook business page rockin’!

Head on over to join the Facebook group now and then come on in and introduce yourself!

If you have questions go ahead and leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get them answered… and feel free to just leave your feedback or say hello there too.

Talk soon…

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