how to generate leads from your content using the HBA funnel builder

How to Generate Leads from All of Your Content Using the HBA Funnel Builder

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If you are creating content without generating leads, you are leaving TONS of customers & clients on the table!

Today’s video will show you how to fix that.

If you are not currently generating leads from the content you create, this will help you understand how important it is and how to do it!

I did an in-depth training about why it’s important to generate leads from your content, and I also showed you my exact process using the HBA Funnel Builder.

I gave specific examples of some of the lead generation pages that I’ve personally created using the HBA Funnel Builder, and I also showed some ideas for some different ways to effectively set up your Thank You pages (also using the HBA Funnel Builder).

I also included a juicy bonus at the end for anyone that still needs a funnel builder platform so that you can start generating leads.

How to Generate Leads from All of Your Content Using the HBA Funnel Builder

Funnels for you to choose from for the bonus mentioned in the video:

30 Day Content Challenge:
YouTube Checklist:
Facebook Guide:
20 Free Offer Ideas:
80 Reusable Content Ideas:

BONUS FEATURE OF THE HBA FUNNEL BUILDER: Seven figure sales funnel for people who want to promote the HBA as an affiliate. See that funnel here.

HBA Funnel Builder Feature Videos:

Schedule Appointments Easily with the HBA Funnel Builder Booking Widget

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How to Integrate AWeber or Convert Kit With the HBA Funnel Builder

Membership Sites for Freedom, Credibility and Recurring Revenue (Plus Examples and Platforms)

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Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Now you know why I absolutely love the HBA Funnel Builder!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll talk to you so soon!

I love you!

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