How To Easily Turn a YouTube Video Into a Vertical Instagram TV (IGTV) Video

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As you are probably well aware, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms that business owners and entrepreneurs are using to promote their business and to be able to communicate with larger audiences than they were able to do on other platforms.

And the latest addition to Instagram, Instagram TV (otherwise known as IGTV), is a powerful tool for marketers to now be able to share videos up to 10 minutes long on Instagram.

This new technology has provided an easy way for marketers to promote their content on other platforms.

One of the easiest ways do this, is to repurpose some of your regular horizontal videos that you are currently using on Youtube, etc, and to put them on Instagram TV to get them in  front of your Instagram audience easily.

You can either use IGTV in a couple of different ways to accomplish this.

One way is to share a part of a Youtube video on IGTV, and then send people to your blog or your Youtube channel for the full video.

Another option would be to share your entire YouTube video on IGTV.

How To Easily Turn a YouTube Video Into an Vertical Instagram TV Video

In any case, repurposing your videos is always a great idea because it allows you to use it on different platforms and reach a larger audience.

Turning a horizontal Youtube video into a vertical video is super simple, and you can do it in just a couple of steps.

Check out the video above for a quick tutorial.

Easy right?

So now you have no excuses… go turn some of your Youtube videos into vertical videos and get them up on your IGTV channel!

I really hope you found this post useful! Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I’d also love to hear about any other ways you are using IGTV to promote your business and brand. Please let me know!


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