Add Additional Income to Your Business Using Ecommerce

How to Add Additional Income to Your Business Using Ecommerce

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that, with all of the advancements in technology, the business of Ecommerce is taking off more and more every single day.

Personally, I’ve gotten to the point where I order nearly everything on Amazon anymore (herbs and vitamins, garbage bags, exercise equipment… everything).

I live in a remote location (on an island) where all of the luxuries of retail are not available. It’s simply easier for me to order online than it is to drive 15 miles to the nearest store. And now with free shipping on Amazon Prime, it just makes more sense… it’s less expensive and takes less time.

Some people live in cities like New York and have walk up apartments on the 5th and 6th floor. They’d simply prefer to order grocery items and have them delivered to their door than to carry them up 5 or 6 flights of stairs. Or, for electronics and other items, it’s just more cost effective to get things on Amazon.

Not to mention you can basically find anything at all that you could possibly want on Amazon… the choices are literally endless, and the convenience is unbeatable.

I could go on, but you get the point. Ecommerce has taken off big time (and will continue to do so), and selling products online has become an easy way for many entrepreneurs to create another income stream (or several additional income streams).

The nice thing about it is that, not only are more and more people purchasing products online, but it keeps getting easier and easier to FIND the people that are searching for what you are selling.

How to Find Your Audience

It’s become SO simple to target a very specific audience using Facebook ads… so simple that you can literally create something super specific for a certain person (your ideal avatar), and then put it right in front of them on Facebook and voila! You’ve just made a sale.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how someone sold something to me, using this type of specific targeting. This video explains:

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Awesome, right?

So, imagine what you could do if you knew how to create these types of products and then put them in front of the people who are looking for them on Facebook, Amazon, etc. It’s actually really simple once you know what to do… and there’s no limit to what you can earn and how many niches you can tap into.

I decided to start doing this myself…

It took me a while to make the leap, but I’ve sat back and watched as tons of my friends from the online marketing industry have moved away from network marketing, course creation, and other online business models, because their ecommerce business have literally taken off.

There’s a ton of flexibility in this model which is nice, and I also love the creative aspect of it.

You can target any specific niche (as I showed in the video), or you can create products for the main niche you are already marketing to… it’s totally up to you.

I’m doing a bit of both… here’s an example of store I created. This is my ‘Love Line’ to promote a message that I am extremely passionate about, especially in a time like today where there’s a massive call for love on our planet.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with this line… people love it, and it’s something I can fully stand behind. I love wearing the products myself, too. And every time I do, people say. I want that shirt! And then I can just tell them where to go to get one. Easy. 🙂

Want to learn how to do this yourself?

This system is actually really easy. I’ have learned everything I know from one of my mentors, Rachel Rofe, and she has agreed to do a webinar with me to show you exactly how this works.

If that’s something that’s of interest to you, register here and I will send you the webcast details just as soon as they are finalized (it will be today or tomorrow!).

I’m so excited to share this information with you and help you create another income stream in your business.

Talk soon, and let me know if you have any questions.

With love,


Amy Starr Allen










p.s. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below and I will get them answered for you! Love you!



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