How Open-Minded Are You? Are You Letting Opportunity Pass You By?

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Is Opportunity Passing You By?Why is it that so many people, when offered an amazing opportunity, completely shut down and run the other direction? We are so incredibly fortunate to live in a world abundant with all kinds of opportunities to make our lives fuller and richer. Why are so many people afraid to even take a look at the possibilities?

Have you noticed this? I certainly have…

Being a complete opportunity seeker myself, I’m ALWAYS open to hear about new opportunities and possibilities that may enrich my life. But, what I’ve noticed over the years, is that many people completely shut down when they even hear the word opportunity.

Why is this?

My belief is that it’s just sheer fear that stops us from being open-minded. Many people (probably the majority) have an inate fear of change or of getting out of their comfort zone. Therefore, when the word opportunity arises it causes discomfort and people become confronted with the idea that they may be offered something which requires getting out of their own way, getting out of their comfort zone.

I get it. But I do have to admit that I find this phenomenon very sad.

You see, we live in a world that has so much to offer…. so many amazing opportunities at our fingertips every day… and it just saddens me to think of all of the people who are so stuck in fear that they are unwilling to even take a look at anything that might make their lives richer, fuller, more exciting, more abundant, or even simply more FUN.

Being a total opportunist, I’m just the opposite. I LOVE looking at and hearing about new opportunities, and I always keep an open mind. As good as my life is most of the time, I know there’s always room for improvement and I’m certainly open to adding things to my plate (or taking things off my plate) in order to enrich my life.

 Laced throughout every day of your life are hidden highways of opportunity, invisible crossroads of time, and golden avenues for personal transformation that if only traveled upon would reveal the extraordinary, the sublime, and the unexpected.   Yet most… slip by undetected until there’s first a childlike wonder at the ordinary, the routine, and the expected…

Here’s a short video I created about this topic:

Which category do you fall into? Are you stuck in the day to day routine, afraid to add or delete anything from your life? If so, why is this? What comes up for you when presented with any kind of opportunity? Would you be willing to share about it all in the comments below? I’m doing a research project 🙂 …

If you are an opportunity seeker like myself, can you speak to this a little bit? How do you feel when presented with an opportunity? Excited? Overwhelmed ( I know there are lots of them coming at us these days)? Please share your thoughts below…

Thanks so much for taking a look at this incredibly juicy topic with me today… I appreciate you and your feedback!

Seize the day! After all, it’s usually a dirt road that leads to the diamond mine…



  1. Hi Amy, this is one of my favorite posts, so true, and so interesting.

    1. Author

      It is interesting, isn’t it? I’m glad you liked it, Ali! 🙂 xo

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