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High Ticket Vs Low Ticket Residual Affiliate Commissions- Affiliate Marketing Myths

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If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, you may be confused as to some of the differences between high ticket affiliate programs and low ticket affiliate programs that pay residual commissions.

Many people automatically assume that there’s more money to be made when earning high ticker affiliate commissions, so you may be surprised when I break down some of the numbers between high ticket one-time commissions vs. low ticket recurring commissions for you in this video.

I also went on a bit of a rant, because it’s so sad to me to see so many people being misled in the affiliate marketing space… and I felt like this distinction between high ticket and low ticker residual commissions was something that needed some light shed upon it.

High Ticket Vs Low Ticket Residual Affiliate Commissions- Affiliate Marketing Myths

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