getting paid to blog about your passions

Getting Paid to Blog About Your Passions

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I’m currently on vacation at the Jersey shore (my home).

And, one of the things I’m constantly reminded of is how awesome blogging is because, once you have everything set up right, you can continue to get paid even when you take a break and hang out at the beach. 🙂

Here’s a quick video that explains another result I just got from one of my passion blogs (that I haven’t touched in a while because I’m in the process of changing domains, etc)… all while I’m on vacation.

The possibilities with blogging are seriously endless…

This video explains.

Getting Paid to Blog About Your Passions

And I just put together a webinar that explains how to blog about your passions and get paid.

You can register here:

Have questions? Go ahead and leave them in the comments below and I’ll get them answered right away.

I always love hearing from you. 🙂

Talk to you soon…

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Amy Starr Allen

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  1. Amy, in less than four minutes you shared a minor setback that made me gasp. Yet before the video ended, you hit me with a victory that made me rejoice for you! Good stuff.

    1. Author

      Aw… thanks so mush, Melissa! Yes… the setback is always the set up for the come back. 🙂

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