Get An Autographed Copy of My New Book- TODAY ONLY!

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I’m back from the awesome Live the Dream event in Orlando. I am completely filled up with inspiration and knowledge, and I’m excited about all of the new friends I made!

The first copy of my new book: MLM for MOM – Why Network Marketing is a Natural Fit for Mothers was sent directly to my hotel in Orlando. It was awesome to have it with me while I was there… people were loving it.

I just got off the phone with the publisher… I’m getting ready to place my first big order of books.

The more copies I order the better (the bigger the discount, the higher up I go on the best-seller list, etc).

This is where you come in…

I would like to get as many pre-ordered copies as possible so that I can place the largest order possible.

If you have already pre-ordered… THANK YOU! Your order made a difference. 🙂

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I’m offering an incentive for you to do it TODAY!

Anyone that pre-orders today will receive a personal autograph in your copy. If you’re buying multiple copies, I will autograph as many as you like. There is a place for special instructions during the checkout process with Paypal, so please let me know the name(s) of the people you would like your copies signed for.


***This offer is for today only!!!! I am placing my final order with the publishing company tomorrow!****


If you have already pre-ordered and would like me to sign your book, please send an email to  with the name(s) you would like on the copies and I will be happy to autograph them for you. Please put ‘Autograph’ in the subject line.

Here’s the site where you can go to order your copies now:


I truly appreciate your support (and all of the excitement)!

Stay tuned for details of my book launch party that will be happening soon…

Again, this offer is for TODAY ONLY, so don’t delay! Go here to order now.

Thank you!

Expect Abundance,



p.s. Here’s another incentive… anyone who pre-orders will be placed in a drawing to win 5 free copies of my book that will be happening at my book launch party. This will serve as a great tool for you to be able to hand out to help you build your business! **You do NOT need to be present at the party to win!!!*** Go here to order now:

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