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#005: Follow Your Heart & Live Life in Love with Reverend Cathy Silva

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The Find Your Voice Rock Your Blog Podcast Welcomes Reverend Cathy Silva!

Have you ever thought about your life as a series of callings?

If so (or even if you never really considered that before), you are going to LOVE today’s episode…

You will be hearing from one of my spiritual (and business) mentors, Reverend Cathy Silva.

I like to say Cathy is just a ‘big ball of love’… and you’ll see what I mean after you listen to today’s episode.


Rev. Cathy Silva is a Pathways of Light minister, An avid student of A Course in Miracles, Certified Discover Your Sacred Gifts Guide.

Cathy offers Spiritual Counseling and Courses to help you awaken spiritually and live every day  with love and true purpose.

Her emphasis is always in meeting you where you are to help you find the way that works best for you to hear your own Inner Teacher.

She is committed to creating a safe, open and comfortable space for you to share, explore and find the answers that are right for you.

Key topics discussed in this episode:

  • Cathy’s upbringing and how she became an entrepreneur
  • How she became a reluctant mom
  • Her yearning to find out who she was outside of her ‘roles’
  • Her quest to experience deep love
  • Her vision of being trapped inside a bird cage with the door open, frozen with fear
  • How her true identity (true love) began to reveal itself
  • How she knew she wanted to help others discover their true identity
  • Why she’s reluctant to make a plan
  • That it’s natural for things to go well
  • What to do if you are afraid to follow your heart
  • How she went from not being a peace to being guided, every single day
  • How to heal your mind and awaken to your true nature
  • We are all here for divine purpose, to extend love wherever we are
  • It’s important to be willing to do nothing
  • The best way that things happen is to allow them to happen, to go with the flow
  • How it’s important to be willing to try different things
  • How miracles happen when we follow our heart
  • What it means to be on mission
  • The characteristics of a sacred gift and how when you know what yours are they will set you free
  • How what we think others expect of us is almost always incorrect
  • How we believe ‘the marketplace knows me for that’
  • How it all comes down to one thing: Be who you are and do what you do.
  • You were created as love, and you are a unique expression of that love
  • Carve out some time every day to do nothing except what brings you joy
  • Know that your inner teacher is always there supporting you


Items mentioned in this episode include:

How to Connect with Reverend Cathy Silva Online:

Website:  (Living Life in Love)





I want to hear from you! What was your favorite part of today’s conversation with Cathy? Please share below!



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  2. This was such a fun conversation to do with you Amy! I especially found it helpful to tell about some of the life experiences that have brought me to this point, and realizing again how perfect it all is even if it wasn’t pleasant.

    I am grateful for you and LOVE being on the journey with you.

    1. Author

      I loved our conversation as well, Cathy. And, yes, I agree… it’s good to be grateful for all of life’s experiences… they help us to grow and it’s all happening exactly as it’s meant to anyway. 🙂

      I am so grateful for you and love being on this journey with you as well! xo

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