Easy Marketing Methods vs. Hard Marketing Methods- Which Are You Using?

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Easy Marketing Methods vs. Hard Marketing Methods- Which Are You Using?

There are thousands of different ways to market a business… some are easier than others.easy marketing methods 3

Which do you prefer? Easy marketing or hard marketing?

When you’re spending your hard earned marketing dollars, there are many options to consider…

Personally, I prefer easy marketing methods.

This video demonstrates a method I personally don’t care to use, but find fascinating. 🙂

Like I said, easy marketing methods (inclusing marketing online) are what I prefer.

Learn more about my “easy marketing methods” here:


Easy Marketing Methods Vs. Hard Marketing Methods

Which looks easier to you?

This?easy marketing methods 2

This guys spends the majority of his day, getting paid $8.50 an hour (I asked him), spinning a sign on the side of the road.

Some people will actually respond to the sign and go in and buy a cupcake for a couple of dollars.

By the time the owner of Heavenly Cupcake pays Tony for his time and pays the in-store employees, the rent, and the bill for ingredients and other overhead, it seems it would take a TON of $2 cupcake sales to make this hard marketing method pay off.

Or this?

easy marketing methodsHere’s me, sitting at my desk in front of my computer… having a total BLAST I might add. I LOVE marketing!

I can play online on YouTube and Facebook for a couple of hours a day, and expose thousands of people to my message. The cost is minimal (low overhead!) and when someone joins me in my business or buys a product from me, I have the potential to earn anywhere from $25 to thousands of dollars (per sale).

This is what I call easy marketing (and, like I said, it’s fun, too!).

Before I got online and started implementing my easy marketing methods, I used to walk around shopping malls wearing this: easy marketing methods 1

I know… it’s pretty goofy, isn’t it?

I just didn’t know any better, and I was willing to do ANYTHING to build my business.

When people would come up and ask me about my 1000 pound dog, I would simply use it as a conversation starter and tell them that my ability to help them earn a significant residual income IS my 1000 pound dog. (I’m cringing as I write this… it’s actually hard for me to even believe that I used to go about my business this way).

Here’s the real clincher…

When I was using hard marketing methods like this one (instead of the easy marketing methods I’m using today), I was never able to earn more than a couple thousand dollars per month.

Today, implementing my easy marketing methods, I’m eaning 5-figures monthly, and growing quickly.

Which do you prefer? Easy marketing or hard marketing?

Follow me if you’re ready to start learning some easy marketing methods =>>Click here for instant access to some easy marketing methods.

I look forwatd to meeting you. I’ll see you on the inside…

If you have any questions about easy marketing methods vs. hard marketing methods, please leave them below. Please leave your comments and feedback as well… I always enjoy hearing from you!

To your success,

Amy Starr Allen


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