Earn While You Learn- It’s Time To Get in the Game

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Earn While You Learn- It’s Time To Get in the Game

Earn While You LearnAs an internet marketer (and  network marketer), one of the biggest pitfalls I see people getting into is thinking that they need to know EVERYTHING they possibly can before they get started doing anything. They think they need to have the perfect funnel, the perfect video, the perfect website, even the perfect health.

This is simply not the case. In fact, the BEST way to learn the skills needed to be successful is to simply get in the game and start doing it… and the benefit of this is that you can earn while you learn.

Why People Fail

The people that don’t end up making it in this industry are the ones that run out of money before they ever get started. They spend all of their time and energy (and money) learning how to be successful instead of actually getting on the field and learning from experience.

They’re afraid to do it wrong. They’re afraid they might look like a fool. They’re afraid to get in the trenches and get dirty.

Learning to Drive

It’s like learning to drive a car. When we are taught how to drive, we start out by learning it from a manual. We can learn the basics this way, and the laws, and the do’s and don’ts… but we can’t actually learn how to drive the car until we get in the driver’s seat and start driving. It doesn’t matter how much we study, we simply can’t master the skill until we start actually doing it… until we start practicing.

It’s the same in the internet marketing and network marketing industries. What’s great is that both of these industries give you the capability to earn while you learn… and the more you learn (by actual experience), the more money you’ll make.


Here are some examples from my own personal experience with the ‘earn while you learn’ philosophy…

1) Pretty much everything I know about my primary company, I learned by getting my upline on the phone with my prospects and listening to them answer my prospects questions and sign them up. I didn’t go to the library and study every detail about the products and the compensation plan… I just started talking to people about my business, and practicing the ‘earn while you learn’ strategy.

2) When I first got started in network marketing (almost 9 years ago), my primary company didn’t even have a website. We didn’t have a system in place to teach people how to build a business, all we had were the products. Eventually, the company hired a consultant who came in and created a flip-chart that would enable us to go out and start doing a presentation to our prospects to show them the business plan.

The day I got that flip-chart in my hands, I went out and started showing the plan. I had NO CLUE what I was doing… I fumbled through it and made a complete fool of myself for the first 10 or 20 times that I did it. And then I got it. I had mastered it and with that came a huge amount of self confidence. From that point forward I was able to show the plan like a pro… not because I studied about how to do it, but because I actually did it. I was able to earn money while I was fumbling around… and then once I mastered the skill my income started to grow exponentially.

3) At one point in my business, I decided that I was going to start doing a ton of cold calling. I knew who my target market was, but I didn’t really know how to effectively invite them, over the phone, to take a look at what I had to offer- my business. Again, I fumbled through about the first 100 calls, and through a  process of trial and error, I mastered my script and had it boiled down to exactly what I needed to say to close people almost 50% of the time. I know, you’re probably wondering, did you earn while you learned? The answer is yes! I think I closed 1 or 2 sales while I was fumbling through it.

But here’s the key: once I mastered the skill, I closed almost 50% of the people I spoke to. And I never could have mastered the skill if I was sitting on the sidelines reading scripts and studying the art of cold calling.

4) When I first started getting involved in internet marketing, I was TERRIFIED to make a YouTube video. I loved hiding out behind my edited text in my emails and on my website, and I thought that if people could see me, they might not like me. I also found it really wierd to sit in front of a video camera and talk. But I just knew that I needed to practice the ‘earn while you learn’ philosphy and that there was no better way to get good at making videos than to just start doing it, regularly.

Yes, I did look like a fool in the beginning, or more like a deer in the headlights. But the more I did it, the better I got at it… and nowEarn While You Learn it’s a skill that has become second nature to me.

Take People on Your Journey With You

What’s also great about the ‘earn while you learn’ strategy, is that, by being in the trenches trying to figure it out on a daily basis, you can take your audience along on your journey with you.

One of my teammates, Janice Lozada, is a perfact example of this. She’s a newbie to internet marketing and she’s getting the trenches and showing people that it is truly possible to earn while you learn. Here’s one of Janice’s recent videos:

Here’s the other thing … when you earn while you learn instead of waiting until everything’s perfect and all your ducks are in a  row… when you fumble around like an amateur not knowing all of the answers… it actually demonstrates to people that they can actually join you in your business and start making money, even if they aren’t an expert.  They see that they, too, can earn while they learn. This is POWERFUL.

Are you ready to earn while you learn?

It’s time to get in the game… make a commitment to earn while you learn and watch your business explode in the new year!

What will you do to earn while you learn? Leave a comment below!

Expect Abundance,

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  1. Nice Job Amy. My only quibble is that some people run out of steam before they run out of money. We just didn’t warn them that they should let their upline handle the talking until they had learned. As Jim Rohn said “The Birds Got Them.” They got a couple of “You must be Crazy!” and ran out of steam.

    Other than my quibble, this was a very right-on post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Author

    Thanks, Hale. Yes, the birds certainly get lots of people… for one reason or another. Only the strong survive here… but the benefits on the other side are well worth it! 🙂 xo

  3. Aloha Amy,

    I like very much that you tell your story and experience in network marketing, and encourage us to IMPLEMENT what we learn.
    And I’m very glad that Empower Network led us to meet online,and team up to grow! and learn while we really earn!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Brigitte. I’m so glad we met as well… so many benefits of the amazing Empower Network. 🙂 xo

  4. Good post Amy. Actually along the lines of what I’m going to write about today (I think).

    Also the comment about avoiding videos hits home. I keep letting that one slip down my to do list. Got to get to it!

  5. Hey girl! I just saw this post…what a great way you have with words. Internet Marketing reminds me of all the years of training I had in the sport of Diving. I hate to think about all the pain I endured, trying new tricks, messing up and getting low scores, but never fearing to get back up on the board (right away) and trying it again and again. It’s all about desire, and conditioning. So…thanks for including me in your post. I hope it’s inspirational to those people that are taking on the Internet Marketing approach to building a business and a life of their dreams.

  6. Author

    You’re welcome, Janice! You deserve the recognition! Keep it going! 🙂 xo

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