Content Marketing Strategies | How to Generate Tons of Leads Per Day For Free & How That Equates to Cash In Your Pocket (I’ll Show You the Numbers)

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Content Marketing Strategies | How to Generate Tons of Leads Per Day For Free

content marketing strategiesIn my last post, we talked about the general concept of content marketing strategies, how content marketing works, and why it’s so incredibly powerful.

Today I want to touch on the numbers. I want to walk you through an example using content marketing strategies so that you can see the type of results you can achieve using content marketing strategies. I also want to show you how to use content marketing strategies to generate tons of leads per day for free (and what that equates to in dollars and cents).

The Importance of Keyword Research When Using Content Marketing Strategies

First of all, in order for your content to rank on the search engines (so that people can find it), you’ll need to do your keyword research. This is another lesson altogether (but I will say that you can simplify the process and get WAY better results by using this amazing tool that I use called Keyword Winner).

And, as I mentioned in my last post about content marketing strategies, the nice thing about using content marketing strategies over paid marketing strategies, is that once you create a piece of content and publish it on the internet it will stay there FOREVER. And, as long as you’ve done your keyword research to make sure people (the right people!) can find it, each piece of content that you publish has the ability to generate a certain amount of leads per day for you.

I’m going to get into some actual numbers now, but one thing to keep in mind is that the higher your content ranks in the search engines, the more leads per day that piece of content will generate. This is why keyword research and optimization is crucial!

So, that being said, there’s no real formula to be able to predict exactly how many leads per day each piece of content will generate using content marketing strategies… but one things for certain: the more pieces of content you have on the internet, the more leads per day you will generate.

Here’s An Example of the Power of Content Marketing Strategies

For this example, we will assume that each piece of optimized content you create will generate 1 lead per day. And lets say that you are collecting leads for the Empower Network for the sake of this example.

Let’s say, over time you create 100 pieces of content and each one is generating 1 lead/day (in reality, when you’re using content marketing strategies, some pieces of content will produce several leads/day and some will generate none… we are just going to use the 1 lead/day per piece of content in this example to keep the numbers simple so that you can understand how powerful content marketing strategies can be).

100 pieces of content x 1 lead per day = 100 leads per day

This is on autopilot. Once the content has been created and published using content marketing strategies, it will stay on the internet forever and will continue to generate leads, for free, day after day after day.

So now let’s say these leads you’re generating are going into your Empower Network funnel. Now let’s keep it ultra conservative and say that only 1% of your leads convert into Empower Network sales (my numbers are actually much higher than this).

100 leads x 1% = 1 sale/day = 30 sales/month

Inside of the Empower Network there are a few different products that people can buy. ($25/month, $100/month, $250 one-time, and $500 one-time).

So, out of the 30 sales/month, let’s say all of them (30) buy the $25/month product, 9 upgrade to the $100/month product,  3 upgrade to the $250 one-time product, and 3 upgrade to the $500 one-time product.

Here’s what that would look like for the first month:

30 x $25 month = $750/month residual income

9 x $100/month = $900/month residual income

3 x $250 one-time purchase = $750

3 x $500 one-time purchase = $1500


This equates to a total of $3900 for the month and $1650 of it is residual income.

Month 2 -> $3900 + $1650 residual created in month 1 = $5550

Month 3 -> $3900 + $1650 residual created in month 1 + $1650 residual created in month 2 = $7200

Get it? Your monthly income using content marketing strategies in this example would continue to increase by $1650/month (of course some people might cancel their Empower Network membership over time, but the numbers would still remain pretty awesome… especially considering this would all be happening on complete autopilot).

One other thing to consider about the power of content marketing strategies…

Besides all of the sales you’d be making, don’t overlook the fact that once you’re generating 100 leads per day on autopilot, that means 3000 leads per month that are being added to your loyal subscriber list. These are people that you can continue to stay in touch with over time. This means an extra 3000 people per month that you can

  • Follow up with who may eventually convert to a sale
  • Sell other products and trainings to (for example, you can hold a webinar and charge $37. Even if only a fraction of the people on your list attend, there’s still some great income to be made… remember you’re ADDING 3000 people per month to your list!
  • Sponsor into your primary company
  • etc

I hope you’re starting to see the value in content marketing strategies and why it has been said that ‘content is king’.

Please leave your questions and comments about content marketing strategies below…

To your success,

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