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  4. Hello Amy,

    I signed up to HBA because of you.

    I can not find tho, the information I need on the Appointment booking widget. Can you help?

    A couple of questions and thank you for your attention in this regard.

    The Appointment widget has what’s called a “Booking Event”

    Currently, I have two

    DO I place one calendar on one page per “Booking Name”?
    IF so, do the calendars sync?
    Is there a way to include more than one “Booking Name” in one calendar on one page?
    If so, How?

    1. Author

      Hi Eric,

      I would recommend posting this question in the company group on MeWe. There are tons of people in there that can answer this better than I can since I haven’t done what you are asking to do with the widget. I’m pretty sure you can give people the option of which event they want to book, but not 100% sure. I will paste it in there for you and you can go see what people have to say. That is definitely the best place for HBA questions.

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