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  4. Hello Amy,

    I signed up to HBA because of you.

    I can not find tho, the information I need on the Appointment booking widget. Can you help?

    A couple of questions and thank you for your attention in this regard.

    The Appointment widget has what’s called a “Booking Event”

    Currently, I have two

    DO I place one calendar on one page per “Booking Name”?
    IF so, do the calendars sync?
    Is there a way to include more than one “Booking Name” in one calendar on one page?
    If so, How?

    1. Author

      Hi Eric,

      I would recommend posting this question in the company group on MeWe. There are tons of people in there that can answer this better than I can since I haven’t done what you are asking to do with the widget. I’m pretty sure you can give people the option of which event they want to book, but not 100% sure. I will paste it in there for you and you can go see what people have to say. That is definitely the best place for HBA questions.

  5. Hi Amy,

    I don’t want to post a comment on your website but I cannot find any other way to contact you. I listened to your podcast about Kambo and later that night it popped into my head that you may be experiencing gallbladder problems. Have you had an ultrasound to check for that? It is non-invasive and will tell you immediately if you have a gallstone problem. It will take a doctor to determine if they are actually causing you the problems your are esperiencing because many people have gallstones without symptoms (I myself). Here is the alternative resource I use for managing mine: I would love to know if you have had any improvement in this issue from the kambo since you posted that blogpost? I also have been thinking about doing ayahuasca for a while and now the group I have been following for that has added kambo and bufo to their retreat program. I’m scared of all of it but also at the point in my life that I will try about anything. This is their website ( which has not been updated to reflect their new location or program which has been designed since covid started but here is a Youtube video about their new program ( Good luck, maybe I will see you at an ayahuasca retreat!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for this, Jessie. I have had 2 CT scans and have asked several doctors if maybe an ultrasound would be helpful and they all say no. The next thing I will have is an endoscopy/colonoscopy… that’s what they all suggest, although I’m bot convinced that is the right route to go.

      No, I have not gotten any answers since I posted that podcast. I’ve seen many doctors since then and this has all been extremely frustrating.

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